Martha Stewart criticized for gifting her 10-year-old granddaughter makeup

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The Christmas gift Martha Stewart gave her granddaughter is feathering online. (Image via @marthastewart Instagram)

Martha Stewart has been criticized online after revealing the gift she bought for her 10-year-old granddaughter for Christmas.

The 80-year-old took to Instagram last week to let fans know that she had bought her granddaughter Judd a care package of professional beauty products from brands like Urban Decay, Makeup By Mario, and Lancôme.

“Granddaughter Judd is getting a real Christmas makeup kit,” Stewart captioned a photo of the impressive beauty parlor. “She loves to paint her face and now she’ll have everything she needs to make her face even more attractive and pretty than it is! Enjoy, Jude!”

Despite her good intentions, many of Stewart’s followers found the gift “not remotely age appropriate”, and criticized the TV personality for emphasizing the importance of physical beauty.

One Instagram user commented, “I hope you’re just having fun and don’t think she needs makeup to be more attractive and pretty,” while another added, “A ‘cute’ 10 year old girl? One shouldn’t hope.”

One follower said: “Painting her face? I think Grandma means enhancing her current beauty.”

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“very soon?” Someone else wrote. “I think the gesture here is so sweet because young girls are allowed to try on makeup. It’s a pass for many, but 10 guys are superheroes. She has a lot of time left before her looks become her top priority. You’re setting her up early to fall under the pressures women face when it comes to By societal beauty standards. Why can’t we allow children to be children while they still have a chance to be?”

Others defended Stewart’s gift idea, calling it “artistic” and a great way for her to bond with her granddaughter.

One wrote, “This is a great gift.” “You’ll love it!”

Another added, “A great way to get started.”

Another commented: “She’s ten years old.” “She’s just playing with makeup, or she has to be, so yes, her face painting is appropriate.”

Someone believed, explaining that makeup can be a harmless and creative activity that she does with her granddaughter.

“This is amazing and I’m sure she would enjoy exploring it with her grandmother, and everyone says they desperately need to stop because makeup is a way to have fun and enhance the beauty you have.” They wrote. “Use it as an art. Only when someone feels bad about themselves, it is not the best, but this also applies to adults.”

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