Marvel Releases List of Films to Watch Before Finale

hook It’s been a hit sensation for Marvel fans over the past four weeks, bringing Christmas cheer, unexpected partnerships, exciting new villains, and delightful twists and turns along the way. Before the last episode of the responsible tomorrow hook Twitter account It released a “must watch” list featuring previous MCU projects. The list is in order of release date and includes bullAnd AvengersAnd Avengers: Age of UltronAnd Captain America: Civil WarAnd Avengers: EndgameAnd Black Widow, the first five episodes of hook. Hawkeye’s collection on Disney+ has included several of these movies since the show began airing on November 24.

The set also includes Marvel’s legends The series that animates various heroes and villains in the MCU: Episode 9 is about Black Widow, and Episode 14 is about Hawkeye. Marvel’s Animated Alternate Universe Series What if…? It was also included, however, neither of which are on the proposed list. Also missing from this list is Marvel’s reckless, which will be suitable for fans of the new series who do not know much about Kingpin (Vincent Donofrio), the new villain at the top of the Tracksuit Mafia has been revealed to collaborate with Kate Bishop’s (Hailee Steinfeld(Mother, Eleanor Bishop)Vera Farmiga) at the end of the penultimate episode. However, this is most likely due to reckless It’s on Netflix, and it’s not technically part of the MCU. D’Onofrio has brought him many fans who are wondering how to do it recklessThe canon of the MCU will run or if this version of Kingpin will have a different background than the one in the Netflix series.

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Clint Barton directed Jeremy Renner appeared in most films in Marvel’s “What to Watch”, with the exception of Black Widow. However, Black Widow Explores (Florence Boge) backstory, and Pugh is likely to be a major part of hookConclusion. While it is not required to go and re-watch these films before tomorrow hook In the end, many fans may enjoy passing by and searching for Easter eggs that can play in the new series. With a bunch of theories floating around, and all hookAs the moving pieces fall into place, anything can happen as we head into the exciting finale.

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hook stars Renner, Steinfeld, Farmiga, Pugh, Alaqua CoxAnd of feesAnd Tony Daltonand D’Onofrio. The final episode will be released exclusively on Disney+ on December 22nd and you can catch up on the first five episodes plus everything at hookSuggested watchlist on streaming platform now. Check out the list below.

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