Marvel’s Trailer for the Next ‘Doctor Strange’ Teases More Multiverse

After Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone to defy the laws of nature and cut a deal with Dor Mamo at the end of 2016 Dr. Gharib, the world is saved from another entity that threatens the universe. But Mordo – a wizard who lost faith in the mission of the mystical masters of the arts after learning that the ancient lied about their transgressions of the natural order of life – reminds the Good Doctor that ends don’t always justify the means when it comes to the manipulation of time and space. “Do you still think there will be no consequences, stranger?” Mordo asks him contemptuously. “No price to pay? We broke our rules, just like her. The bill is due – always. account.

Several years (and many doomsday events) have passed since Mordo decided to follow his own path, and yet Dr. Strange seemed to have forgotten his ominous warning. during the events Spider-Man: There is no room for homeDoctor Strange is trying to brainwash The whole world—All so that Peter Parker and his friends can go to school together at MIT after a tough college admissions process. As evidenced by the new trailer for Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness, which debuted after the credits (and the Venom-based mid-credits scene) for There is no place for home, the account is coming up for the architect of the biggest acceptance scandal since Operation Varsity Blues.

The multiverse of madnessDirected by Sam Raimi (Spider ManAnd Evil died(Written by Michael Waldron)loki) and Jade Halley Bartlett, to be a major event crossover that will build on the finale There is no place for home, as well as events lokiAnd WandaVisionAnd even the animated anthology series What if…? It’s been over 10 years since Marvel Studios released an entire trailer in place of one of the standard post-credits scenes, and there’s a lot more packed into this two-minute preview of the May 2022 movie.

The trailer begins with echoes of Wong’s warnings to Strange in There is no place for home– The new Supreme Wizard also attempted to prevent Strange from casting a dangerous spell that would eventually bring all enemies and friends from all over the Spider-Verse – and Mordue declared that Strange’s “desecration” of the Space and Time series “would not go unpunished.” What follows is a quick series of picks Which creates some chaos looming on Strange in the film: New York City is in ruins (in what appears to be the Mirror Dimension), Wong is in danger, an introduction to MCU newcomer America Chavez, and Dr. Kristen Palmer appears to be marrying someone other than Strange. (It was a tough stretch for Strange after his five-year disappearance thanks to Thanos—the guy lost his job and nearly rips the universe apart for helping a teen get into college, and now he might lose the love of his life, too.)

The longest sequence in the trailer features Strange paying a visit to Wanda Maximoff, who has cut herself off from the world after her actions in WandaVision. “I knew you’d show up sooner or later,” Wanda said to him. “Mistakes were made, people were hurt.” But Strange isn’t there to bring her to justice for her crimes against the people of Westview – he’s there to seek help, asking her, “What do you know about the multiverse?”

when WandaVision Concluded earlier this year, the Emmy-nominated series has re-established a minor character’s status as one of the most important characters in the entire MCU: the Scarlet Witch. In the show’s action-packed season finale, Agatha Harkness tells Wanda that her power “has far exceeded that of the supreme wizard,” and that her “destiny is to destroy the world.” She discovers that she has a unique ability to produce Chaos Magic – giving her the gift of spontaneous creativity – and one of the post-credits scenes on the show shows that she learns how to travel to the astral plane, like Doctor Strange, while reading a powerful book of black magic called Darkhold. The stinging seems to indicate that Wanda can follow this dark path to fulfill a prophecy ending the world in The multiverse of madness While she was looking for a way to revive her twin children. But now, with Strange seeking Wanda’s help (while completely ignoring the fact that she terrorized an entire city as part of her unhealthy process of grieving), it appears that she will serve as a potential ally and guide for Strange in a vast multiverse.

Besides the Scarlet Witch, Strange appears to have another ally in America Chavez, a new hero who might play a central role in the MCU in the future. We see few glimpses of her in the movie trailer, but her denim jacket with a lone star appliqué at the back gives us an introduction to the comic book hero known as Miss America. and its appearance in The multiverse of madness It makes sense given her comic book origins: Chavez was born into a world that defies the norms of space and time called the utopian parallel, and—in addition to her superhuman strength, speed, and power to fly—can create portals that allow her to travel to alternate dimensions across the multiverse. It may only have a secondary role in Dr. Gharib The sequel, however, Chavez has also become the latest Young Avengers member to make her debut in a Phase 4 project, which is another sign of a potential Disney+ movie or series that will bring a new team of Earth’s strongest (and youngest) heroes together in a crossover event.

In addition to highlighting Strange’s new allies, The multiverse of madness A teaser reveals some of the threats he will face on his multiverse journey. Beyond Mordo, who appears to have been growing out his hair while searching for a new purpose in life, Strange will have to deal with a huge one-eyed-clawed monster. It’s unclear how this creature finds its way onto the streets of New York and why it’s being bombarded with Dr. Strange and America’s Chavez, but it’s as good a sign as any that this multi-dimensional movie is ready to be a little weird. (Squid-like Leviathan could be either Shuma-Gorath or Gargantos from the comics, or whatever that shiny thing from What if … ? Premiere to me, a one-eyed octopus appears to be expressing his displeasure with New York’s public transportation system.) But in the trailer’s final moments, he tells a strange purveyor that “the biggest threat to our universe is you,” a sinister version of Strange steps forward to deliver the last line of the sentence Teaser: “Things are getting out of hand.”

For those watching who weren’t familiar with it What if … ?The figure for the trailer’s biggest shock, perhaps, looked a little more than a version of Benedict Cumberbatch who wears darker clothes, heavy eyeliner and a desperate need for some time in the sun. But he’s actually a major character who first appeared in the animated anthology series last summer. The evil alternative to Strange was introduced in What ifEpisode IV, “What if… Doctor Strange lost his heart instead of his hands?” , which reimagines his journey to become the Supreme Wizard as part of an attempt to revive Christine after her death in a car accident. In this alternate universe, Strange’s quest to save Kristen blinds him to his larger duties to protect the world from multidimensional threats. He sacrifices his humanity to find a way to get it back, and despite his success, not only becomes a monster, but accidentally sacrifices their entire world:

Disney +

ambient noise The multiverse of madness It’s been growing for years, and it’s part of the product of its release date that has been changed and delayed several times due to the pandemic-related production halt. When it was announced at Comic-Con in 2019, the movie was supposed to arrive before it loki And What if … ?; It wasn’t only There is no place for home It hasn’t been announced yet, but the entire future of Spider-Man in the MCU has been in doubt thanks to ongoing feuds between Sony and Disney over the rights to the beloved web launcher. The multiverse of madness He has since changed directors (after Scott Derrickson stepped down due to a classic case of “creative differences” with Disney) and underwent significant script rewriting to work alongside other Marvel projects on screen. The film no longer bears the burden of introducing or explaining the multiverse; Instead, he was tasked with further exploring its many effects and possibilities.

The multiverse of madness It will be the first major MCU crossover event in Phase 4, not including There is no place for homeInclusion of characters from about 20 years of Sony’s Spidey films. It’s Marvel’s first real attempt to combine existing story lines from the Disney+ series with big screen features. As evidenced by some of the scary images in the new teaser, The multiverse of madness—With Remy, who has a revival of Spider-Man characters starring in There is no place for home, now associated with direct – is expected to separate itself from other Marvel projects further by weaving elements of horror, fulfilling Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s promise that the film will be “thrilling, frightening, and mind-bending.”

After more than half a decade Dr. Gharib It became the first MCU movie to mention the existence of the multiverse, and the concept became the go-to source for Marvel Studios for storytelling. There is no place for home Just brought a multiverse of villains to the doorstep of Peter Parker’s house, and legions of viewers to theaters to the tune of a worldwide opening weekend of $587.2 million that defies the coronavirus. Come May 2022, The multiverse of madness It will take Doctor Strange and his friends to other alternate universes, as Marvel Studios continues to test the extent to which multidimensional travel can take toward its ambitious financial and narrative goals.

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