Maskless ‘Bachelorette’ finale causes uproar on Twitter, forcing ABC to pivot halfway: ‘Irresponsible’

ABC and the producers behind the finale of “The Bachelorette” were forced to move halfway through its clip “After the Final Rose” after Twitter users battled the unconvinced crowd seen on TV.

Kaitlyn Bristowe hosted the “After the Final Rose” event, which opened the show to a live studio audience. Attendees were seen sitting close together, without face coverings.

The shocking spectacle caused Twitter users watching at home to unleash their anger against the producers of ABC and “Bachelorette,” demanding an apparent disregard for people’s health due to the recent surge in the Omicron variant.

One user drew attention to the fact that the live event started “with not all the audience wearing masks” until the Twitter fanfare. “This is how viruses work now, you are really liberated if Omicron is in this crowd,” one user books.

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Another social media user joking, “Last night I was watching The Bachelorette with my wife and my unborn son. My unborn son looked at me and said ‘Dad, why aren’t the audience members wearing masks?'” Don’t they know anything about the global pandemic and the almighty surrogate Omicron? ”

one person tweeted Live on the show’s official Twitter account, he wrote, “Why isn’t anyone in the audience wearing masks? We [in] In the midst of an escalating pandemic! “

Another angry viewer “why no one wears a mask this is a super fast event” books online.

One user described it as an “irresponsible” move. “Why wouldn’t anyone wear masks and not physically distance? This is an irresponsible choice not to invite viewers to vaccinate the public and singles. Was that required? Would contact tracing happen if not? They are still in a pandemic!” tweet is reading.

The social media hype seemed impossible to ignore, with Bristow declaring via Yahoo midway through the show, “We’ve seen a lot of chatter online, so we’re clear, everyone around me has shown negative results. But just to exercise a little extra caution, our audience will be persuasive throughout the rest of the show.” “.

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This led to a mixture of criticism and comfort from those watching at home. Twitter users have once again taken to the social networking site to mock the network and to take credit for bringing about positive change.

A Twitter user shared a popular Oprah Winfrey meme that was edited to read, “You get a mask! You get a mask! Everyone gets a mask!!” He wrote, “#Bachelorette producers after reading the #BachelorNation tweets about the audience not wearing masks on the super livestream show.”

One user said: “Twitter has really intimidated The Bachelorette into making the live audience wear masks.” books.

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One person wrote using a skeletal emoji, adding, “The way the #bachelorette livestream started with no masks in sight and two hours later every one is worn,” Fauci laughs.

“The Bachelorette” on ABC starring Michelle Young.
(ABC/Sami Draseen)

“Say what you want about it But what other website could harass the single live studio audience for wearing masks,” other user pointed out.


“Twitter literally asked the ultimate Bachelorette audience to wear masks and….they did. Inspiring the use of the internet,” chirp One person.

Representatives for “The Bachelorette” and ABC did not immediately respond to Fox News’ requests for comment.

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