Mass Step By Samantha In Bunny’s Lap

Pushpa has released a glimpse of Samantha’s part of the song “Oo antava”. That went viral instantly.

The step at the end of the glimpse shows Samantha sitting on the rabbit’s lap and taking a step.

Pushpa hit a level and the song Oo antava took it to the next level. Now the step of Samantha sitting on the rabbit’s lap has taken her to other heights.

The song was great thanks to the husky voice and simple lyrics. Now the visual effect is doubled.

Initially, Sekhar Master was considered in choreography but as the dates got closer the team went for Ganesh Acharya.

Apart from this, the team was looking for a Bollywood actress for this song initially. But finally Samantha was brought to the board of directors.

In general, it is a phenomenon of paisa vasool for producers. Except for criticism that DSP copied the tune for this song from an old Tamil movie, it’s all on top.

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