Matrix 4 End Credits: Secret Scene After Resurrections

Neo and Trinity look at the sunset at the end of Matrix Resurrections.

Neo and Trinity would like to stay until the end, please.
picture: Warner Bros.

Fans know they’re going to stay through the credits In the Marvel movie, but probably not on file matrix Movie. However, they definitely should when it comes Resurrection MatrixAnd Now showing in theaters and broadcasting on HBO Max.

resurrection It is the long-awaited sequel to the original matrix triple (the matrixAnd Matrix ReloadedAnd Matrix Revolutions), which brings back Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity. Both characters died in revolutions, or so we thought — but co-writer and director Lana Wachowski explores what happened next in her new movie.

And after all Resurrection MatrixAction and drama, there are credits. If you’re like most people, you probably stopped the movie there. But Wachowski has a little surprise at the end and that’s what happened.

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If you watched the movie, you know that in this remake of the Matrix, which was created by the machines to house Neo and Trinity afterwards revolutionsThomas Anderson created a hugely successful gaming franchise called… the matrix. And now the company’s owner, Warner Bros. , to make a fourth game. Something he said he would never do. all of which Mirrors, exactly, what Lana Wachowski Via the matrix Movies.

After the credits, we revisit the scene from earlier in the movie and see Anderson’s mental confidence still trying to shatter what’s a fourth. matrix It must be. Now, whether this is still actually happening in the movie’s Matrix — because in the end, Neo and Trinity is no longer under the control of analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) — we don’t know. It might be so, it might not be. But either way, a staff member states, “The movies are dead. Games are dead. Novel? Under God the Almighty.” They believe that the media is nothing but a series of neural stimuli. And what is the answer? Cat videos. “What we need is a series of videos that we call catrix. He sits back with stupid confidence.

Like Resurrection Matrix In itself, the scene is a joke that operates on several levels. The basic idea is that it’s incredibly stupid, so it’s funny. However, you have to think that the scene is probably also of Wachowski commenting on both her general disdain for modern and pioneering entertainment, and perhaps even the earlier notions that people spurred to do a fourth matrix. Ideas that are so stupid and random, may also be Cat-rix. Hopefully no one specifically pitched the matrix With cats, but if you replace “Any Random Popular Thing” with cats, it becomes much clearer.

Anyway, it’s a fun little addition to the movie, and in case you missed it, here it is. Resurrection Matrix Playing now.

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