Matrix Star Keanu Reeves Laughs at the Concept of NFTs

Keanu Reeves, star of The Matrix Resurrections, laughs and dismisses NFTs as “usually reproduced” when asked his opinion during an interview.

When asked about the latest issue of NFTs to promote the release of Resurrection MatrixLead actor Keanu Reeves laughed at the concept.

Reeves and his Resurrection Matrix The Verge interviewed co-star Carrie-Anne Moss about technology and how the line between the real and digital worlds is blurring. When asked about the concept of digital scarcity, and NFTs and how they can’t be copied, Reeves quickly noted that they “usually reproduce” instead and laugh.

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Recently, a batch of 100,000 Resurrection Matrix Each NFTs that cost $50 were minted to promote the release of the film. Hearing the characters involved, Reeves turned to Moss and asked, “Did we get a part of that?” Before you realize that is unlikely. “Actually, I don’t think we’re into them,” Reeves said. “Maybe they did other people.”

Reeves and Moss reunite as Neo and Trinity, respectively, in the final trailer for Resurrection Matrix. The trailer further teases the romance between the two characters while also returning to the original trilogy. Resurrection Matrix Set after 20 years Matrix Revolutions The trailers suggest that Neo had resurrected his life outside the Matrix as Thomas A. Anderson, until he was pulled over again by Morpheus.

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the first matrix It was released in 1999 and the last movie in the original trilogy, Matrix Revolutions, came out in 2003. Reeves explained the reasons for his return to the world the matrix Many years later by saying, “We’ve had filmmakers who want you to say ‘yes’.” [We had] The materials you want to stick to, to give your all. “

Resurrection Matrix It is the fourth movie in the matrix Franchise owner Reeves said he was “amazed by the amount of humor in it.” He described the film as “a ground throw the matrix Flappy again It’s very clever, witty, entertaining, interesting, and funny. “

Fans of the franchise also have Matrix Awakens Technical show to enjoy. Available for free download on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, the demo allows players to freely navigate an impressively detailed world as they help Trinity escape from a group of deadly agents. According to the developers, Epic Games, Matrix Awakens It’s a tech show that pushes the boundaries [that] It is an original concept set in the Warner Bros’ universe. the matrix. It is written and directed by Lana Wachowski, co-writer and director the Resurrection Matrix And half of the Wachowski siblings who wrote and directed the original script the matrix Triple.

Resurrection Matrix It debuts in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22.

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