Maya Rudolph recaps the MacGruber film in song

Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph
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fan new peacock McGruber series, but not sure you’re always up to date on what goes into Sharia? Maya Rudolph is here to help. The actress, who played McGruber’s first wife 2010 movie, song and music video for “The Greatest Man To Ever Walk Planet Earth” that hilariously sums up the events of the first movie.

In the video, Maya reprises her role as Casey, the first wife of McGruber (Will Forte). “This is the story of the greatest man who ever walked the earth,” she says, before jumping on a sexy tune. Viewers remember what happened to her character – she was murdered by Dieter von Kunth (Val Kilmer) just as she and McGruber finished their vows.

From there, Casey continues to narrate the events of the first film. MacGruber has a tendency to tear the throat while doing “whatever it takes to keep the country safe.” Years after Casey’s death, von Kunth hijacks a nuclear bomb and McGruber forms a team to take it down, but they “explode in a truck.”

Therefore, McGruber created a second team made up of Casey’s close friend Vicki Saint Elmo (Kristen Wiig) and Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe). While trying to thwart Von Cunth, Vikki and MacGruber fell in love (and, as Casey put it, “in their spare time they made a handful”).

Although the team believes Von Kunth is defeated, and the wedding of Vicki and MacGruber is attacked. But McGruber killed him by throwing him off a cliff, shooting him, and then urinating on his body.

As the fans know In the trailer for the Peacock series, who hit the streaming service on December 16, MacGruber has been in prison for the murder of Von Cunth ever since.

In the new show, General Barrett Vasos (Lawrence Fishburne) pulls McGruber out of prison to send him on a “suicide mission” to bring down Brigadier General Enos Queith (Billy Zane).

Phillip and Wiig are both on board, too, as they reprise their roles. The series also stars Sam Elliott as Perry, Joseph Lee Anderson as Major Harold Kernst, and Timothy V. Murphy as Constantine Bach.


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