Meghan Markle news latest – Compatibility expert gives CRUNCH verdict on Prince Harry & Duchess’ controversial marriage

How compatible are Meg & Harry?

A compatibility expert has studied Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s birth signs and zodiac signs to give a reading that brings them together perfectly.

Compatibility expert and astrologer Inbal Hönigmann said Prince Harry was “born under the sign of Virgo, the most organized, logical and rational sign in the zodiac.”

She continued, “With the Virgo sun, Taurus moon and Capricorn ascendant, this prince knows exactly what he’s doing.

“Every one of his life transformations—military, partying, getting married, moving—were the result of hours of planning and scrutiny. Nothing is an accident.”

Regarding the Duchess, Annabal said: “Leo is strong and proud. They will easily overcome adversity because, although they are sensitive and easy to collapse on the inside, they are fearless and emotional, and they stand up to challenges from the outside.”

“She’s compatible, but a lot of sensitivity is needed on her part, and a lot of patience is required for her,” she added.

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