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Kate Garraway praised her performance against the Royals

Kate Gouray read “Love Came at Christmas” by Christina Rossetti to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and members of the royal family in “Royal Carols: Together at Christmas”.

Wearing a cream coat over a red shirt, Kate managed to get across the message of hope, despite the heartbreaking news of her husband. Derek was hospitalized in March last year after contracting Covid-19.

It read “Love came down at Christmas, love is all beautiful, divine love, love was born at Christmas, the star and the angels gave a sign.”

“We worship the gods, we love the incarnate, we love the god, we worship Jesus, but with the holy sign, love is our symbol, love is yours, love is mine.

“Love of God and all people, love of supplication, giving and signing.”

Royal Carols viewers couldn’t believe Kate was able to compose herself to recite the poem

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Kate Garraway. How to communicate and manipulate everything I don’t know. She’s a superhuman.”

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