Method Man Goes Viral Again Simply for Looking Good

man’s way It is spreading again due to its demonic good looks.

Two pictures of the Methodist man in a black suit and glasses went viral on a red carpet after fans couldn’t stop talking about how he managed to keep being so handsome. The photos began circulating on Twitter on December 7, a day after he attended the 4th Annual Black Film and Television Celebration in Los Angeles.

man’s way. (Photo: @methodmanofficial/Instagram)

Celebrity wardrobe designer Jennifer Austin reposted a photo of Method Man on the red carpet and captioned what the “Concrete Cowboy” actor was wearing. She did not specify which pieces of his clothing came from which company, but added that he was wearing clothes from Reese and Saks Fifth Avenue. Austin also wrote that his emerald green shoes were from Italian shoe company Scarosso.

Fans commented on his good looks on Twitter. One of them said, “Man’s style has been undisputed FAHN every day for thirty-six years I have endured this fatal file. To be honest, it is getting hotter. The thoughts I think of now. WHEW.”

Not only did another person credit Method Man for continuing to be attractive but also added Morris Chestnut. They wrote, “Maurice Chestnut’s wife and Method Mann’s wife are two of the luckiest women on the planet, and they’ve been waking up amazing ass men for 30 years, CON GRAT U LA TIONS.”

Another wrote, “I’ve never been jealous of anyone in my life except for the Methodist’s wife.”

In an interview with Jemele Hill, on her show “Jemele Hill is Unbothered” back in February, Method Man opened up about how many fans feel he considers them a sex symbol. “I’m not going to lie,” he said, “it’s a kick in the head, I love it.” “Who doesn’t like to be admired, especially to feel attractive. It feels great.” He explained that he enjoys being able to be seen as sexy without trying.

“The most attractive thing about being sexy to me is not trying to be me,” he said before joking that his kids wonder why so many fans find him attractive. “You take it all in big strides. And I don’t know, man, I’m shy, I guess. You try to put yourself in a comfortable place and say, ‘Well, you earned that.'” I didn’t wait for it. I didn’t try prostitution to make girls like me – I take my shirt off at every kind of show. It happened gradually, and I love it.”

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