Michael Keaton to Return as Batman in HBO Max DC Movie

Michael Keaton's Batman raises his hook launcher in a scene from the 1989 classic Tim Burton movie.

The rise of the Dark Knight… again.
picture: Warner Bros.

The capital’s cinematic universe kicks off Full speed forward into a multiverse of movies — and if Warner Bros. his way, he seems to have found himself an answer to the narrative glue that will bind at least some of this multiverse together: Michael Keaton.

as First reported by Cinelinx, a new press kit presented by Warner Bros. Media to the upcoming 2022 slate confirmed that Michael Keaton is part of the cast of Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah. bat girl The film, currently scheduled for Debuting exclusively on HBO Max someTime is 2022. Keaton joins previously confirmed cast members Leslie Grace—ssetting, of course, the titular heroine Barbara Gordon; JK Simmons as Barbara’s father, Gotham Commissioner Jim Gordon; Brendan Fraser as unknown villain (Rumored to be Batman rogue core firefly gallery); and Jacob Scipio in a similarly undisclosed role. io9 contacted Warner Bros. To clarify Keaton’s addition to the cast, and will update this post when we receive a response.

Although not directly mentioned in press material (it would be really funny if anything else), Keaton is supposed to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne and Batman, a role he embodied in 1989. Batman and 1992 Batman ReturnsDirected by Tim Burton. the actor She was already multiplying Role next year long overdue flash Movie-side by side The Dark Knight Fellow Ben Affleck – but bring it up bat girl It is another step forward to connect Keaton’s legacy directly to Gotham City’s heroes.

It is unknown at this point what this means bat girl The same, whether the film is set as a kind of continuation of the universe Batman And yields, or is its own slice entirely of the DC Comics universe and Keaton’s Batman is just beginning to emerge from across space and time. Either way, it’s good to hear that one of the most iconic games of the Dark Knight is getting a moment in the spotlight once again, especially to usher in a new generation of DC movie heroes. We will bring you more bat girl when we learn it.

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