Miley Cyrus flips off camera in new pics after star cuddled with Pete Davidson despite his romance with Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus flipped the camera in new photos after she hugged Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson late into the night.

The 29-year-old has shared the footage as some fans believe the singer may be involved in a romance with the comics.


Miley Cyrus flips the camera in new photosCredit: mileycyrus / Instagram
I shared the post after hugging Beth


I shared the post after hugging BethCredit: mileycyrus / Instagram

Miley took to Instagram on Friday to share a series of photos, which captured her swinging leather shoes, navy and light blue skirt, oversized jacket, cropped shirt, gloves and sunglasses.

The camera flipped with both hands as she stood in a hallway in the first photo.

The second shot captured the singer standing with both hands on the walls, while the third picture showed her taking a sequential look at the camera as she pressed against the wall.

The last photo captured Miley staring at the floor.

She captioned the footage, “Blue is a warm colour.”

Late night TV appearances

Miley shared the photos after appearing on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon with Pete, 28.

While appearing, Miley took the opportunity to poke fun at the comedian’s relationship with Kim, 41.

While performing on a show for Yvonne Fair It Should Have Been Me, Miley left Beth blushing as she mentioned a date he and Kim had while visiting her in California last month.

Pictures were taken at the time the new couple left the Santa Monica Giorgio Baldi restaurant in a black Lamborghini SUV from Saturday Night Live.

Pitt was seen with what looked like a large hickey on his neck as the pair laughed as they left the celebrity hot spot.

Referring to the date, Miley sang: “Bet Davidson, how are you going to do this to me/it should’ve been me/in that Lamborghini leaving this **beautiful** restaurant.”

The singer urged Pete to laugh, and continued, “I want to see a movie in Staten Island / It should have been me.”

Her clever follow-up lyrical story recalled the couple’s tour of Pete’s hometown of Staten Island in early November after she attended the WSJ Innovator Awards in New York City.

Kim’s support

Before her Late Night appearances, Miley sparked dating rumors when she posted a photo while hugging the comedian at a New Year’s Eve party promotion.

In the steamy photo, the singer is lying down wearing the standing star, both of whom are dressed in 1920’s costume.

The couple was surrounded by balloons and New Year’s decor as Miley captioned the shot: “Big energy. Pete and I are in charge!”

“Watch fallontonight. Our first show together as a pair! We’ll be talking about US-hosted #MileysNewYearsEveParty in Miami!”

Kim proved that she wasn’t threatened by Pete’s collaboration with Hannah Montana Alum but she “loved” the Instagram post.

happy kanye

Prior to Kim’s romance with Pete, keeping up with the Kardashians alum was married to Kanye West, 44.

The couple share four children, North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

While it looks like Kim is ready to move on with their marriage, the rapper has made several pleas to get her back.

Recently, Kanye begged Kim to come back with him live on stage during his last concert with Drake.

The hitmaker repeatedly chided: “I want you to come right back to me” before adding, “More specifically, Kimberly.”

Miley recently got fun with the Saturday Night Live star


Miley recently got fun with the Saturday Night Live starCredit: YouTube/NBC
Pete's romance with Kim ignites


Pete’s romance with Kim ignitesCredit: Instagram / Flavor Flav
Ex-Kanye West was begging to get Kim back


Ex-Kanye West was begging to get Kim backcredit: Getty
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