Miss Universe 2021: The Winner Is…

The Miss Universe contest, held in the fiercest competition in the universe, crowned the 70th winner on Sunday.

After a brief absence from the usual party, Steve Harvey is back to host this year’s event, which was broadcast live on Fox and Telemundo from the Universe Arena in the port of Eilat in Eilat, Israel.

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Eighty contestants competed in this year’s pageant, including the first ever entry from the Kingdom of Bahrain. But at the conclusion of the two-hour event, only one will receive a crown and a badge from Miss Universe Andrea Mesa.

After a series of brutal cuts, the following contestants were announced as the top 10 contestants of the year: Thesaly Zimmermann (Aruba), Valeria Ayus (Colombia), Clemence Botino (France), Harnaz Sandu (India), Nadia Ferreira (Paraguay), Beatriz Gomez. (Philippines), Michelle Colon (Puerto Rico), Lalila Mswan (South Africa), Chantelle O’Brien (Bahamas) and Ellie Smith (US).

This group was then halved to reveal the top 5 players of the year: Eos (Colombia), Sandu (India), Ferreira (Paraguay), Gomez (Philippines) and Mswan (South Africa). From there, Ayus and Gomez were sent smashed.

The other three contestants – Mswan (South Africa), Sandhu (India) and Ferreira (Paraguay) – were given the same question to answer: What advice would you give the young women watching on how to deal with the pressures they face today? Moswan encouraged them to “grab the courage to rest” whenever possible, Sandow posited that the biggest problem facing today’s youth is the lack of self-confidence and individuality, and Ferreira gave a very positive answer about everyone’s desire to “join efforts to do what you wanted to do”.

After a final tour around the theater, preparations were made for a trilingual performance of “Alleluia”, the final results were announced:
third place | Listen to Mswane (South Africa).
2nd place | Nadia Ferreira (Paraguay)
winner | Harnaz Sandhu (India)

Watch the important moment below:

This year’s selection panel included American model Laurie Harvey, Brazilian model Adriana Lima, Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez, Miss Universe 2016 winner (and former Miss France) Iris Mittenaere, Indian actress and Miss Diva 2015 winner Urvashi Rautella, Filipino actress and model Marianne Rivera. And American actresses Rina Sofer and Chelsea Crest, winner of Miss USA 2019 and winner of the Miss Universe title in 1976, Rina Moore.

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