‘Modern Family’ star, Kansas police distribute 600 Christmas hams in memory of actor’s late father

“Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet took some time before Christmas to honor the legacy of his father, who passed away last month.

Stonestreet, 50, a resident of Kansas City, Kansas, helped police officers in his hometown distribute 600 free Christmas hams to local residents, according to FOX 4 in Kansas City, Missouri.

It all started when Stonestreet, the two-time Emmy Award winner who played Cameron Tucker on the 11-season comedy series, had the idea to donate, the station reported.

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“I reached out to Farmland Foods to see if they would give us a deal or match our pork purchase,” Stonestreet wrote in an Instagram post. Their response was, “No, but what if we give you 600 hams?”

“Yes, six hundred!” The actor added.

Eric Stonestreet in Los Angeles, March 13, 2020 (Getty Images)

health battle

Stonestreet announced on social media in November that his father, 80-year-old Vince Stonestreet, had died after a battle with chronic myeloid leukemia, FOX 4 reported.

In an Instagram post, Stonestreet said his dad “didn’t want anything to do with social media” and would probably object to all the attention.

Stonestreet wrote, “Now he would probably say, Eric, my death is none of anyone’s business.”

The actor went on to describe his late father as a “honest, intelligent and funny” person.


The son added: “He lived according to a clear code of what is right and how to deal with people.”

After getting the pork, Stonestreet and his family were joined this week by police officers from Kansas City and Leavenworth, Kansas, and members of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Sports League, in donating food, FOX 4 reports.

Stonestreet then thanked Farmland Foods for providing the pork, and the Kansas City, Kansas police, in a Facebook post, thanked the Stonestreet family for inviting them to participate.

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