‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Steve Assanti Hospitalized: Seeks Prayers

My 600 lbs. life Staff member Steve Asante asks for prayer while he is hospitalized. Why did the TLC star land in the hospital? Does it have anything to do with his weight? Unfortunately, the post showing a shot of Steve in a hospital bed was somewhat short on detail. But we will share what we know about his hospitalization.

Once banned from hospitals

As viewers remember, there was a time when Steve Asante was forbidden to go to hospitals. Now the doctor finds out that Steve is going to call 911, go to different hospitals, and look for painkillers. His addiction to painkillers and his addiction to food was killing him.

Now Dr., however, caught Steve Asante once after calling 911 and heading to the hospital. The TLC doctor closed the appointment entirely. He tells Steve he needs to find a way home. He threatened to take Steve’s insurance. Similarly, the Doctor now threatened to arrest him at that time as well.

Doctor Now - My Life is 600lbs

Why was Steve Asante hospitalized?

by fraction My 600 lbs. life News, Steve Asante has been hospitalized as a result of his battle with COVID-19. It is not clear if he currently tests positive for COVID-19 or if he is suffering from the effects of the virus.

This breaking news comes with a photo of Steve Asante hooked up to a ventilator. It turns out that COVID isn’t the only disease Steve is currently battling. He is also suffering from a severe bout of pneumonia.

Steve and those close to him are currently fighting for his recovery and asking for prayers on his behalf. Unfortunately, no other information has been released about how long he has been in the hospital or how he is doing.

Steve Asante

COVID Infects TLC Stars

As TLC fans know, Steve Asante is far from the only character on the network suffering from COVID. near the end 1000 lbs. sisters Season two, Tammy Slatoon is also hospitalized due to COVID-19. As previously reported, Kody Brown of Sister wives He confirmed via Cameo that he tested positive for COVID despite his best efforts to avoid the virus. Likewise, we recently learned that Duggar’s cousin Amy King and her husband, Dillion, have coronavirus in their home and are destroying Christmas 2021.

Were you shocked to learn that Steve Asante was hospitalized? Do you think he will recover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Keep going back to the latest My 600 lbs. life Newsletter.

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