My Unorthodox Life star Julia Haart and husband Silvio Scaglia splitting

Julia Hart, star of “My Unorthodox Life,” has said about the separation of her famous husband, Silvio Scalia Hart.

Scaglia bought fashion and talent agency Elite World Group in 2011, and Haart became co-owner and CEO in 2019. But despite working together, one source tells us, “they live separate lives.”

The popular Netflix show focuses on Haart and her family’s life after leaving her ultra-Orthodox community in 2012, and her modeling career.

The couple married in June 2019 – Scalia took Hart’s last name. They met when she was the creative director of La Perla, and he was the CEO.

“There was a lot,” Hart told The New York Times of working together. “The first year of our interaction was I screaming at him. I was terrible for him. But I respected him a lot. As much as my life was protected, his life was just the opposite. He was everywhere. He saw everything. And when I screamed at him, he took It’s like a man. It made me happy.”

We’ve been told that Haart’s split from Scaglia will be a plotline in the upcoming second season of the broadcast series, according to a source.

Julia Hart in October 2021.
Julia Hart in October 2021.
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Meanwhile, another source tells us that the couple, “currently live together and love each other.”

Haart just posted a photo of her eating Scaglia at the Soho Grand Hotel on Sunday – but it appears from his Instagram account that he’s been spending some time in Mexico since mid-October while attending several VIP parties around town.

Hart’s daughter Bacheva separated from husband Ben Weinstein in November after nine years of marriage, according to reports. They married when they were only nineteen years old.

Scalia is Hart’s second husband. She had previously been married to Joseph Hendler in an arranged marriage when she was nineteen years old. It is also Scalia’s second marriage.


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