Nani Tried 15 Different Getups For Shyam Singha Roy

Appearing mostly in some kind of adventurous role, Nanny has been making efforts to get out of his comfort zone.

In the process, he played a dual role in Shyam Singha Roy – one a film director and the other a Bengali writer.

Although Nani did not need to make any change of story in the contemporary Hyderabad scene, he underwent massive changes for the role of the Bengali writer.

We learned that Nani had around 15 different rising experiences for Shyam’s character and director Rahul Sankritian shut down the ones we’ve seen in posters and promotions.

The interesting aspect is that Nani did not gain weight, although he looked a bit plump like Shyam Singha Roy.

His hair, mustache and style of dress made him look flawless like a Bengalese man in the seventies.

He showed a lot of contrast between the two characters, and Nani was appreciated for his transformation.

He nailed the appearance, he even spoke some dialogues in Bengali and his body language and style were impressive.

Nani is very confident in the movie, as well as the entire team, as the strong promotions are taking place.

The film will be judged four days later, on December 24th.

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