Naomi’s First Trailer Includes Superman and a Hawkman-esque Character

The first trailer for DC’s Naomi series on The CW teases the powers of a young hero, meeting Superman, and the mysterious Thanagarian.

The first trailer for the upcoming CW superhero series Naomi Features a battle with Superman, discovery of new powers, and a Thanagari warrior.

After the first poster of Naomi, the trailer highlights what the comic book adaptation will focus on. Namely, you will see Naomi McDuffie of Kaci Walfall begin to discover that she has mysterious powers and a cosmic past after she finds herself in the middle of a battle between Superman and an unknown enemy. Check out the trailer below:

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While Naomi’s search for answers will be difficult enough, she will also have to deal with several individuals keen to use her abilities to achieve their own ends. But luckily she gets the help of Dee, a Tangarian warrior from the same planet as Hawkman and Hawkoman who wears his own pair of metal wings. Played by Alexander Wraith, a tattoo artist who will work day in and day out as mentor to the young hero. “He believes in her more than she believes in herself,” Walfol said in a recent interview. “Although he doesn’t have all the answers, he is teaching her more and more about how to control herself.”

What’s not clear is whether Tyler Hoechlin will reprise his Arrowverse role as Superman on the series. It is possible that the role of this Man of Steel will be played by a different actor. After all, Crisis on Infinite Earth showed that Superman and other heroes can look very different across the different parallel worlds of DC movies and TV shows, and it’s not yet known whether Naomi Happens in the same universe as the light And batuman.

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Created by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell, Naomi It debuted in 2019 under Bendis’s Wonder Comics imprint. A seemingly normal girl, Naomi discovers that her parents are from another world after meeting Superman. Possessing flight, super strength, and energy manipulation, she eventually joins the Young Justice team.

In December 2020, news arrived that Ava DuVernay will be adapting the comic on TV. In May 2021, the show received a serial order on The CW. Meanwhile, the next season of Naomi The comic of Bendis Walker and Campbell arrives in 2022.

Naomi Premieres Tuesday, January 11, 2022, at 9PM ET / 8PM CST on The CW.

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