Nayte Olukoya Calls Out Mike Johnson for ‘Bachelorette’ Criticism

Nate Olukoya and Mike Johnson ABC. stock struggle

No (more) hard feelings? Night Ulukoya Deal with a lot of haters while broadcasting his journey The bacheloretteBut he did not expect heat from fellow former contestants. After fans saw him sharing Michelle Young, Face Mike Johnson During season 15, the alum criticized him throughout season 18.

Mike hosts “Talk to Bachelor Nation”, Brian Abasolo, sparked his feud with Nayte during a podcast episode on Thursday, December 23rd.

“What I told you on Twitter was – and I’ve already said it once – which is ‘How do we feel about Nayte?'” “I’m watching it up close,” Mike, 33, explained to Nayte, 27. or something like that. Then I got a bunch of hate, and in my opinion, I don’t deserve any of that hate because I didn’t say anything bad about you. I said, “I’m watching it up close,” and I feel like in today’s episode, I was backed into it. Your mother would have said something, Michele’s parents had said something, and the guy in Puerto Vallarta had said something, and I felt the same way.”

Knight then replied, “What do I feel about me – and so many other people feel they should be watching me closely?”

Nate Olukoya summons Mike Johnson to question his behavior on The Bachelorette 2

Mike Johnson ABC / John Flenor

Mike insisted his suspicion stemmed from his desire to see Michelle, 28, happy at the end of her journey. “The reason I said I wanted to watch you up close is because we all love Michelle, and you do, of course. [You’re] “In love with Michelle,” he said. “I just want to make sure your words match your actions because I think people watching again would say, Well, I didn’t mean Nate. I didn’t say I hated Nate. I didn’t say anything like that.”

Knight did not seem satisfied with Mike’s response because he knows what goes on behind the scenes of the reality show.

“That is what it is. I think someone in your position understands what this environment is like, so I guess you’ve been keeping a close eye on me for a long time because I think it all started when I listened to the podcast that you and Brian were talking about about the whole Chris S.” , the sales manager replied, pointing to the eighteenth season contestant Chris Sutton. “You had some pretty strong opinions about me saying, ‘It’s not like that, it’s when,'” and you kind of jumped to a lot of conclusions. You were talking about my character, saying that if Michelle ended up with me, you were talking, for example, that this A direct reflection of my personality because whether it was out of vanity or not, I should never have said it. I feel like you’ve been in this position before, and I think you know that… Not every conversation I’ve had with The Bachelorette has ever been broadcast. So Nobody understands what you guys were talking about but you and the individual.”

Knight later hinted that Michelle privately reassured him, leading him to make a controversial statement about finally getting a one-on-one date. “I feel like you didn’t stop once to just say, ‘You know what, maybe Nate had confidence. There was probably something said in previous conversations, ‘Hey, it’s not like it’s when,'” [and that’s why] I had the confidence to say something like that,” he said, claiming that Mike “really ran” with the combo he thought he was carrying “in the bag.”

Nate Olukoya summons Mike Johnson to question his behavior regarding celibacy 3

Michelle Young and Nate Ulukoya ABC / Craig Sujoden

Mike admitted that the Texas resident’s assessment of his actions was fair but he reinforced his right to express his opinion. “You’re right, Nate. All I can do is what I see on TV. I was in your situation – you’re right about that – and it didn’t show up,” he replied. “I’m going to get out of what I see on TV and I’ll speak my mind. … All your points are valid, they are very valid. I hear you and I cheer for you. I’m here to celebrate you, I’m here to celebrate your love, but I won’t give up on my tweets. Because you deserve to hear how I feel. with it “.

Knight noted that Mike’s frequent criticism was what really hurt. “When it all piles up, that was when I was like, ‘Damn, what’s up with this guy? This guy already has a problem with me for some reason.

The veteran eventually tried to crush their feud once and for all. “I have absolutely no grudge toward you,” he said. “I’m not going to counter your words because that’s how you feel, there is nothing wrong with the way you feel and there is nothing wrong with the way I feel.”

Nayte’s intentions have been questioned on multiple occasions throughout the season, but he eventually got engaged to Michelle during the Tuesday, December 21, final. She defended him after their televised love story ended.

The teacher said exclusively, “This guy wasn’t smooth with his words, but if he’s smooth with his words, that’s a red flag because, you know, he talks smoothly.” us weekly On Wednesday, December 22nd. “That’s what it is. As long as you understand it, and as long as Nate knows I understand it, we’ve learned how to communicate. We will continue to learn how to communicate. And our families and close friends know exactly who we are.”

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