Neo Still Knows Kung Fu In This Matrix Resurrections Featurette

“I still know kung fu.”

From Keanu Reeves’ lips to our ears! If the cast of “The Matrix Resurrections” were any indication, the film’s production would be the only thing that could actually rival watching it in terms of sheer fun. From detonating cars to setting hand-to-hand combat sequences to complex stunts involving multiple helicopters, Lana Wachowski has made up for lost time between the (supposed) score of “The Matrix” in 2003 with “Revolutions” and the release of “Revivals” later From this month by increasing the bet with the movement.

“Work is a way of expressing character,” Reeves notes with his usual boyish zeal. This perceptive statement summarizes the time-honored approach to the best and most effective process managers in the business. By avoiding the use of a second unit altogether (usually responsible for shooting action sets in most blockbuster films), the dissident director breaks with tradition with “Resurrection” and ensures that every second of the film – from philosophical dialogue to the archetypal Matrix presentation – conveys to the vast amount of Actions – He will bear her distinctive, unmistakable fingerprints. Whether the film pleases audiences along the same lines as the 1999 original or divides audiences who expected one thing and received something else entirely, loyal fans of the dreamy filmmaker can at least rest assured that the film will be anything but pure. , Lana Wachowski, Unfiltered.

“The Matrix Resurrections” shoots, kicks and explodes energy on its way to theaters and HBO Max on December 22, 2021.

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