No Way Home Just Broke a Major Rotten Tomatoes Record

There is no stopping Spider-Man: There is no room for home, sound. Not only has the new Marvel and Sony collaboration been a giant at the box office, it’s now breaking records for positive fan reviews as well. Spider-Man: There is no room for home Rotten Tomatoes review site currently has 94%, making it one of the best critically rated films in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the fan numbers are even higher. this week, There is no place for home It has the highest fan rating in the history of Rotten Tomatoes.

Rotten Tomatoes on Tuesday shared it Spider-Man: There is no room for home It has 99% new audience ratings on the site, making it the highest rated movie with a minimum of 20,000 verified audience ratings. More than 25,000 public reviews have been recorded There is no place for home On Rotten Tomatoes so far, less than 1% of them have been negative. The movie is a hit no matter how you cut it.

Spider-Man has always been one of Marvel’s most popular characters, so films depicting the character have performed well at the box office. What did he help make? There is no place for home Such a juggernaut is a mixture of many masses. The film has a boost from the MCU behind it, as well as the natural Spider-Man character and its connections to the two previous Spider-Man films.

Now the way home It’s easily the biggest Spider-Man movie yet, but it certainly won’t be the last. Tom Holland will likely return for more movies in the not too distant future, but first, he’ll appear in a non-Spidey title for Marvel Studios as part of a character swap deal that allows him to exist in this universe.

“It’s mutual. So we lend one, and they lend one, and that’s how Benedict uses it.” [Cumberbatch] “In this movie,” said Tom Rothman, president of Sony. At the premiere of No Way Home. “So we have one ‘re’ committed. But the thing I can say, and that’s actually the exact scoop on this, is that the two companies have a great working relationship. I think it’s a mutual hope that it will continue. But there’s nothing definitive at the moment, Because the truth of the matter is we have to ride [Spider-Man: No Way Home] And see what happens.”

Spider-Man: There is no room for home Now playing in theaters.


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