No Way Home’ Will Be First $1 Billion Movie At Pandemic Box Office – Deadline

saturday am update, EVE BO Christmas Characters.: Update for updates and graph Despite the slowdown in ticket sales on Christmas Eve, Sony / Marvel Spider-Man: There is no room for home She was still strong with appreciation $19.65 million in 4,336 theaters, down -33% from Thursday, which is the average drop for a pre-holiday day. Spider-Man: There is no room for home Expected to bring in the second weekend of $92.3M, per Sony, higher than expected at -65%, but it’s the second biggest Christmas weekend after that force awakens which came in at $149.2 million, and was -40% in its second frame.

What makes these numbers higher for There is no place for home? It all depends on the scale of today and tomorrow as moviegoers are expected to set off after Christmas dinner. Actually see competitors Spider-Man: There is no room for home Top with at least $99 million in the weekend 2. Total current eight-day run for There is no place for home is being $405.5 million.

Among the most lucrative Christmas Eve days, There is no place for home He is the third after The Force Awakens $27.3 million and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker$20.2 million. Looks like the Tom Holland-Zendaya-Benedict Cumberbatch movie stands for him $478.1 million By EOD Tomorrow, 11% Late force awakens At that time it raised $540 million.

sing 2
my world

lighting / global sing 2 made 5.25 million dollars Yesterday, at -30%, on its way to A $22.76M 3 day, 40 million dollars 5 days. If anyone says, ‘What’s the big deal? It’s the same slot as Charm, I realize that sing 2 It has a track where all schools are closed, unlike the Disney movie already on Disney+ after 31 days of exclusive theatrical window.

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros / Village Roadshow’s Resurrection Matrix a saw $2.7 million Yesterday, -34%. It looks like the movie will come on a similar level to the 2016 Christmas sci-fi movie Passengers by more than 14 million dollars For 3 days and more 24 million dollars for 5 days. Passengers With a budget of $110 million that wasn’t profitable, however, with HBO Max definitely pulling some ticket sales from the B-4thquel, it’s all about subscriptions to major WarnerMedia during the pandemic; Senior officers attribute this theatrical plan of the day and date to being the new account driver for HBO Max.

Twentieth Century Studios / Disney King’s man Result $1.2M Friday at 3180, -14% from Thursday, its three-day forecast $6.1 million, 5 days estimated at $9.7 million.

Columbia Pictures Jordan Magazine They took home $285,000 for early Friday night shows starting at 2 p.m. from 1,972 locations. The film will be shown in 2,500 locations today. Liongate’s Erwin Brothers Family Football Drama American underdog It will be booked in 2,813 theaters.

According to NRG, moviegoers’ comfort with news about Omicron has fallen, rising from 74% who said they were very or somewhat comfortable attending cinemas now last week, to 69%. Of those surveyed, 34% feel the situation is “getting worse”, which is +7 points as of Monday and +13 points just a week ago. This is similar to what NRG spotted in early August, when “Getting Worse” increased +12 points to 34% from July 28 to August 4. At the same time In the Northeast, it “gets worse” has exploded from 27% last week to 47% before this weekend. This is 15 points ahead of any other area, which enhances the severity of the situation in that area. ten Days ago, 21% of vaccinated moviegoers and 20% of moviegoers who didn’t get vaccinated said the situation was getting worse. Now, 42% are for the vaccinated and only 23% are for the unvaccinated. And in the past week, rest among vaccinators decreased by -7 to 64%, while comfort among vaccinators decreased by 1% to 72%.

While all surveyed quads were more comfortable with vaccinations, men and women under the age of 25 were men and women under the age of 25, respectively, at 78% and 74%, while men and women over the age of 25 were, respectively, at 78% and 74%. Ages under the age of 25, respectively, accounted for 66% and 63%.

1.) Spider-Man: There is no room for home (Sony) 4,336 theater, Friday $19.65 million (-33%) / 3 days $92.3M (-65%) / 5 days $149.4 million/ sum: $478.1 millionweek 2

2.) sing 2 (UNI/IL) 3892 theaters, Friday 5.25 million dollars/3 day $22.76 million / 5 days + previews: $40 million / week 1

3.) Resurrection Matrix (WB) 3552 Theaters, Friday $2.7 million/3 day 14 million dollars/5 days 24 million dollars/ week 1


4.) King’s man (Twentieth / Dec) 3180 Friday Theaters $1.2M/3 day $6.1 million/5 days $9.7 million/ week 1

5.) West side story (twentieth/dec) 2,810 (-10) theaters, Friday 546 thousand dollars (-48%) / 3 days $2.675M (-27%) /5 days 4,065 million dollars/sum $23.7 million/ week 3

6.) Charm (DIS) 2800 (-375) Theaters, Fri $496K (-70%) / 3 days $1.87 million (-71%), 5 days $3.7 million/sum $88.1 million/ week 5

7.) Licorice pizza (UAR) 786 (+781) Theatres, Friday $7K/3 day $2.68 million (+3053%) /5 days $2.71M/sum 4 million dollars/ week 5

8.) “83 (Reliance) 500 Theater, Fri 716 thousand dollars/3 day $2.63M/ week 1

9.) Ghostbusters: The Afterlife (Sony) 1728 (-1567) Theaters, Friday $265K (-72%) / 3 days $1.325M (-61%) /$2.14 million over 5 days / sum: $120.55 million/ week 6

10.) nightmare alley (Sea) 2135 theaters, Friday $233K (-81%)/3 days: $1.17 million (-58%)/5-day $1.74M/Total $5.2M/week 2

11.) Gucci House (UAR / MGM) 907 (-1000) Theaters / Fri $157K (-73%) / 3 days $709K (-64%) / 5 days: $1.17 millionsum: $46.9 million /week 5


Friday am update: Sony / Marvel Spider-Man: There is no room for home The week ends with $385.8 million3rd best opening week at the domestic box office ever Avengers: Endgame ($473.9 million, 2019) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($390.8 million, 2015). Sony said Saturday that the movie will become the first billion dollar film for the pandemic at the global box office.

Speedy 1% behind the current GDP force awakens, However, it remains to be seen if the Jon Watts-directed MCU title can keep up with the Lucasfilm sequel, as that movie grossed $571.4 million on its eleventh day of release (Monday). Still, it should There is no place for home Below that number, it’s more like complaining about how far Mike Trout has come twice.

There is no place for home happened $29.3M US on Thursday in 4,336 theaters, +9% from Wednesday. This is the sixth highest Thursday for a movie to be released on a regular basis then Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith ($50 million, 2005), Matrix Reloaded ($37.5 million, 2003), leftovers part two ($31.6 million, 2011), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ($30.58 million, 2019) and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones ($30.1 million, 2002).

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With Christmas Eve and quiet evening theaters as many celebrate or head to church, expect ticket sales to drop. the star Wars Movies shown on Christmas – The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, The Rise Of Skywalker And rogue one – It saw an average Christmas Eve box office drop of 33%. force awakens He made the most on Christmas Eve with $27.3 million, followed by Heavenly Rise at $20.2 million, last serious with $17.6 million and rogue one at $15.3 million. force awakens It holds the record on Christmas Day for the most number of film productions made, with a domestic value of $49.3 million.

Comscore reports that 100% of schools and colleges are on vacation for the rest of the year.

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sing 2
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In second place on Thursday was Illumination / Universal’s sing 2And that absorbed $7.5 million In 3,892 places, down 8%, for two days total 15.4 million dollars, which is 25% behind my day sings. Black Friday weekend previews totaled $1.6 million and set the running total of sing 2 in a $17.2M. The outlook for the sequel is great, ranging between $40 million and $42 million for five days. The Great Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrack is here for a sequel from writer and director Garth Jennings as well as A+ CinemaScore, with 91% positive and 78% recommended by general audiences and children under 12 giving it a 92% positive and 67% recommend. The complementary part of the animation leans toward 66% of women with 33% under the age of 17, a drag that will go up throughout the holidays and a diverse attraction with 39% Caucasian, 32% Hispanic and Latino, 16% Black, and 13% Asian/other . sing 2 Does well in the Midwest and Southern United States

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros / Village Roadshow’s Resurrection Matrix third place with $4.1 million Thursday, -36% of Wednesday for two days 10.5 million dollars. Lana Wachowski’s sequel is 44% ahead of the 2016 Christmas sci-fi movie Passengers, which made $7.3 million in two days; This film grossed $14.8 million for three days and $22.1 million for five days. On top of B- CinemaScore, PostTrack’s early audience is coming out for Resurrection Matrix Not good, with 60% positive, 46% recommending, not to mention that HBO Max availability doesn’t help with ticket sales. The men who attended were 66%, with 57% aged 25-54 and of diverse makeup, 39% Caucasian, 22% Hispanic and Hispanic, 19% Black, and 20% Asian/other. West and Southwest show the best ticket sales for the sequel/reboot, with nearly a third of the film’s work coming from Imax and PLF screens.

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King's man

Twentieth Century Studios

Twentieth Century Studios / Disney King’s man are the least of the new wide holiday releases, with appreciation $1.3M Thursday, 4th place, -41% of Wednesday for a total of two days $3.6 million. We’ll update the official Disney AM estimate when that comes out. Most of the film’s work comes from the West and the South, with PostTrak exits better than Resurrection Matrix In 77% positive, 60% recommended. Men buy tickets 66%, with just over half of the pic business being 18-34 years old and 43% over 45. Caucasians accounted for 47% of the share, followed by 25% Hispanics and Latinos, and 10% Black and 18% Asian/other. In five days, this pre-clip may not double the two numbers. Eck.

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