Odd Taxi Anime Gets Film on April 1 – News

Cast, the staff returns to “reconstruct” the TV episodes that also tell the story after the TV ending

The official Twitter account of the original anime Odd Taxi On Saturday, it was announced that the anime will receive a film project titled King Odd Taxi: in the forest which will premiere in Japan on April 1, 2022. The main cast and crew of the TV anime return, and ASMIK Ice distributes.


The film is a “reconstruction” of the TV anime episodes, but it also depicts what happens after the finale of the TV anime.

The anime premiered in Japan on April 5 and was broadcast over 13 episodes. Crunchy Roll Stream anime in the West.

The story follows Otokawa, a 41-year-old eccentric and reticent taxi driver who has no relatives and little to do with others. He’s had conversations with his clients, including a college student who wants to go viral, a nurse hiding a secret, an unsuccessful comedian, a street roughneck, and a rising idol. These conversations led him to the disappearance of a girl.

manga creator Kadzuya Konomoto (Seto UtsumiAnime books. Baku Kinoshita Get the anime out Norio Neta As an assistant director. Kinoshita and Hiromi Nakayama Design the characters. Kohei Yoshida Was the record manager at pony canyon Project. Bunby Fava OMSB They were responsible for the music, and pony canyon He was responsible for producing the music in association with Summit, Inc. photo And OLM Produce anime. photo He was also credited with original work and planning. Tanoura (singer-songwriter Wataru Swabisolo project) and rapper/dj Bunby He performed the show’s opening song “Odd Taxi” and Suzuku Memory He performed the ending song “Sugar Kiss”.

Takechi phrases Konomoto released a manga adaptation for the anime on January 15th on shogakukanThe superior digital manga tag Dalpana.

to update: Otokawa’s spelling has been corrected. Thanks yuna49.

Update 2: Crunchy Roll She mentioned that she will broadcast the film.

Resources: Odd TaxiTwitter the account And Youtube channel

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