Olivia Jade Giannulli Gushes Over Lori Loughlin’s Acting Return

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Supportive family! after Lori Loughlin back to work on When hope callsHer two daughters were her biggest cheerleaders.

“Yaaaaa baby she’s back on the big screen for all hearts,” Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade Gignoli She wrote via Instagram Story on Saturday, December 18, while reposting a message from her sister’s account.

Beautiful JanoliOn her part, she wrote on Saturday: “If you have a GAC, be sure to check out this amazing woman’s performance tonight. It is also broadcasted on IMDB and Amazon.”

the Dancing with the Stars Season 30, the alum, 22, also shared a second message of support, which flowed to the 57-year-old Full house alum talents.

“Check out our 2-hour holiday special When hope calls Tonight on the new GAC Family Network! 8PM EDT / 5PM PT,” the influencer wrote via a snapshot of a second to her Instagram Story. “My mom doesn’t have Instagram so I made a decision that I would be promoting her because I love her and she is a great woman and actress. That’s it! tuning in wii. #hearities #gac family #whenhopecalls”.

In her post, she joked, “Look, I know the fandom name and the hashtag and everything. Where’s my check?”

Olivia Jade gushes over the comeback of Laurie Loughlin's acting mom
Courtesy of Olivia Jade / Instagram

For her part, Loughlin acted for the first time since she was sentenced to prison after being embroiled in a nationwide college admissions scandal, leading to a repeat When the heart calls turn on When hope calls Role.

During the Saturday premiere of the GAC Family series, 90210 The alum reprized her role as Abigail Stanton during the two-part episode “A Country Christmas.”

Loughlin was originally cut from the Hallmark Channel series, in which she starred from 2014 to 2019, after she was indicted in March. Amid the scandal, the historical drama paused to adjust its scenes. When the fan favorite Hallmark returned, her character was written off on the May 2019 episode to take care of her ailing mother in East. Two years later, the actress’ character returned to Hope Valley with her adopted son Cody (Carter Ryan Evancic). Met with Lillian (Morgan Cohan), who is now the sole owner of New Hope Orphanage.

Elsewhere in the episode, Loughlin’s Abigail gets a special visit from Jack Thornton (Daniel Lessing). While Jack had previously died during Season 5, he appeared in a passionate dream sequence during Saturday’s episode to deliver a message to his wife, Elizabeth (Irene Krakow).

“Are you going to tell her that I’m glad she’s moving on with her life?” asked Jack Abigail during the episode. “And let her know that she is doing well with little Jack, and I could not be proud of them both. …And one more thing: tell her that true love never dies. I know that now more than ever.”

Loughlin’s character, tearful, replied, “Oh, Jack. There’s so much I want to tell you.”

New York citizen and her husband, Mossimo GignoliThey were previously accused of paying bribes to secure their daughters’ admission to the University of Southern California. The duo later pleaded guilty to fraud charges in May 2020 before they each served prison sentences. Loughlin was released in December 2020, and us weekly She confirmed in September that she will be returning to WCTH Universe for her first acting gig since the scandal.

An insider said exclusively, “Lori can’t wait to get back to work, she’s been waiting so long to get back on set” we on time. Laurie looks to the future and is ready to go back to filming When hope calls. “

Olivia Jade, for her part, recently finished the competition Dancing with the StarsShe often talks about her mother’s invaluable support.

“Right after we came off the stage, I called her! She’s the biggest support ever. Olivia Jade said she’s really proud of me and I love her so much.” us weekly and other correspondents in October. “She’s like my hero. So it’s really good to know she’s watching and she’s really proud. … Mama Bear! She’s excited.”

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