Olivia Munn & John Mulaney Are Still Together And Officially Parents

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After it was first reported to TMZ that Olivia Munn and John Mulaney secretly welcomed a baby boy the day before Thanksgiving, people confirmed the news and that the pair are apparently still together. So far. (People)

Keanu Reeves reveals that he wore the Playboy Bunny outfit that Dolly Parton wore on the cover play boy for Halloween. (Lenny gossip)

Chris Noth’s agent dropped him after a third accusation of sexual assault. (amphitheater)

Jennifer Lopez wants to make it absolutely clear that despite the tabloid headlines to the contrary, she wasn’t mad at Ben Affleck for the Jennifer Garner quotes that came out of his interview with Howard Stern. (Celebici)

From Peter:

From ClaudeIt must be remembered that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

From Seth: I adore both very much.

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In the latest edition of her newsletter, Gossip Reading ClubAnd Kaylee It looks at a 1998 New York magazine article about Leonardo DiCaprio, the Leomania phenomenon, and the big star group of BFFs/Hangers-on known as the Wolf Pack. (GRC)

Elon Musk’s fatigue is real and we’ve experienced it so far. (Daily Beast)

Necessary topic of from the dark Author Ashley Hope Perez talks about a Texas ban and how conservatives are holding children’s education hostage. (Twitter)

KimMiE decided to “pick up an often taboo account of a British steamer captain in the Congo in the 1890s, which got her to think about how little change.” One hundred and twenty-two years after the publication of a novel heart of darknessPerhaps we shouldn’t feel so superior to Joseph Conrad. “Do books make you think about the world? Sign up for Cannonball Read 14 and share your thoughts. (Cannonball Read 13)

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