One Thing That Still Sticks With Melissa Rauch About How The Big Bang Theory Handled Bernadette

Melissa Rauch has appeared in projects such as Cath and Kim And real blood before landing The Big Bang Theory, but when she landed a standout gig on the sitcom, she became a household name. Introduction to her character in TBBT It was a notable addition, which helped equalize the male-to-female ratio of the show. Although it’s over, the actress has been talking about her time on the show, revealing that there’s one thing about how Bernadette handled while running the CBS sitcom that she still stuck with in particular these days.

Bernadette Rostenkowski is introduced early in season three, with Mayim Bialik’s Amy Farrah Fowler joining the series late in the same season. The addition of both women helped the men in the series transition into different stages of their lives: first as men who could have serious, long-term relationships, and later as men who could play roles as husbands and fathers. But it wasn’t just men who saw growth during the comedy race. While the show started around four men (and Kaley Cuoco Penny’s character), the female characters also went through serious growth over the show’s 12 seasons.

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