‘OutDaughtered’ Riley Busby Spin-Off? Adam Busby Is On Board

Find out why fans are asking for daughter Cross featuring Riley Busby. Plus, why would Adam agree to the idea. Keep reading and we’ll explain it to you.

TLC has hinted at the new season of daughter?

It’s been over six months since season 8 of daughter I finish. Busbys fans are eagerly awaiting news from TLC about the show’s fate. While TLC is likely to renew daughter For another season, both the network and the Busby family are keeping quiet about it for now.

Credit: Adam Busby / Instagram

Adam Busby hasn’t been as active on social media as usual, causing fans to speculate that the TLC cams are rolling. But a fan of the long show has an idea of ​​what to do if daughter Don’t Come Back – An episodic show featuring one of the hexagrams. Why Riley?

Fans want a show of Riley Busby

Earlier this week, Adam Busby took to his Instagram to share an increasingly rare photo of three quits. The three girls, including Riley, stare at Elf of the Shelf’s latest act.

In the caption, the father of six jokes that while the other girls “appreciate the cute or funny things the sprite does,” Riley is different. Calling her a “little analyst,” he speculates that she’ll ask many questions later about how to restrain the Elf in Christmas lights.

Credit: Adam Busby / Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby / Instagram

Uncle Dale responded to Adam Busby’s post, joking that Riley would ask for Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant.

One of Adam’s followers on Instagram left a comment saying that Riley could have her “part of her own when she gets older”.

Other fans left comments praising Riley’s skeptical personality. “aWet that precious little girl!! She has an amazing inquisitive mind!!Someone wrote. “She will definitely keep you on your toes!Post wrote.

Adam Busby signed up for the idea

Surprisingly enough, Adam Busby is in favor of the idea of ​​The Riley Show. He replied to the original comment, “HAHA. Too true!

Credit: Adam Busby / Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby / Instagram

He also responded to Dell’s comment regarding Alexa’s question, revealing that Riley “He’s already started asking Alexa questions…”

looks several daughter Viewers were watching a spin-off featuring Riley Busby and her detective skills. do you watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Credit: Adam Busby / Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby / Instagram

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Meanwhile, another oversized family is coming back to the network soon. season 3 of Double with Derricos Premiere on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

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