Paris Hilton’s Mom Kathy Reveals That Her Daughter’s Wedding Almost Didn’t Happen

Paris Hilton found that she was always happy with her husband, Carter Ryome, but mom Kathy Hilton details how the wedding almost didn’t happen. The November 11 ceremony went on without a hitch, but the bride herself had some hesitations.

Viewers watching Family Paris in love Reality show Know that Paris hasn’t been putting off her end of the bargain in wedding planning, especially when it comes to the all-important guest list. “It was very difficult to get the list from Paris,” Cathy said. Hollywood Live. It was like – ‘Paris, I’ need to your list. Is there a secret? What’s going on here?” There was definitely a mental hurdle going on, and Cathy explained that you can’t “force someone to do something.” Mom “felt like this was with her” and that her daughter might cancel the wedding to Reum altogether.

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Fans of the show will learn how the whole thing went (spoiler alert: she’s getting married), but there was a specific reason behind “cold feet” in Paris. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star enjoyed every minute of the process (except for Paris’ first breakup) even though she called it a “full-time job” for E! News’ Daily Pop.

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“I’m in it a lot more than I planned to be in it. I laughed Cathy.” I thought I’d do quite a bit. I thought you’d see me take her to sign up, take her to get her wedding dress, normal stuff.” But my mom did her job very well and now her eldest daughter is a happily married woman.

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Luciana Barroso Matt Damon

Luciana Barroso Matt Damon

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