Paris Jackson Leaves Nothing to the Imagination In This Gorgeous & Spiritual Photo

Paris Jackson: A fashion icon, singer, actress, and one of the coolest people in the industry isn’t afraid to walk away from the bold. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind dress on the red carpet or it’s always blunt, Jackson keeps it real. And recently, she blocked everyone on her Instagram for this spiritual event.

On December 9, Jackson posted a photo of herself nude in the woods, flaunting her artfully crafted tattoo. She captioned the photo, “Bathing in love, purity, and brotherhood.” You can see the picture here.

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In the photo, Jackson with her legs on the ground, her arms very outstretched in the triumphant air – she shares a glimpse of her beliefs to her fans.

The singer and actress is no stranger to showing off her spirituality or showing her love for the things that keep her going. In this last photo posted to her Instagram, she shows how she and her group celebrate a sacred ritual, the Ritual of the Moon. For those who don’t know, the Moon Circle is an all-female “sacred gathering” where they celebrate the full or new moon to harness their energies.

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Speaking of her tattoos, she actually has over fifty tattoos, and according to People, about nine of them were honored in honor of her late father Michael Jackson. Some are a tribute to his albums, some of his handwriting, and even the phrase “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust”—a reference to the name of her father’s favorite pet, Tinker Bell.

She said in an interview with Rolling Stone via People, “It has brought me nothing but joy. So why not have a constant reminder of joy?”

We love that Paris is all about being happy and doing things that make you happy – and we hope to see more happy shots of the adorable Queen of Spirits.

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