Park So Dam Diagnosed With Papillary Thyroid Cancer + Completes Surgery

Park Soo Dam is recovering from surgery for papillary thyroid cancer.

On December 13, her agency, Artist Company, released a statement announcing that she would not be joining the promotions for her upcoming movie “Special Delivery,” which premieres on January 12, in order to focus on her recovery.

Read the full statement below:

Actress Park So Dam was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer through her regular health checkup, and completed the surgery on the doctor’s recommendation.

With the long-awaited “Special Delivery” coming soon, actress Park So Dam is very disappointed that she can’t be with the fans who waited and showed support.

Although actress Park So Dam can’t participate in the promotions for “Special Delivery”, she does encourage the premiere of “Special Delivery”.

We once again express our gratitude to the representatives of Special Delivery and the production team who are also overcoming a difficult situation with everyone supporting Special Delivery and actress Park So Dam.

Actress Park So Dam will focus on recovery in order to greet everyone in good health in the future, and her agency, Artist Company, will do everything we can for the actress to regain her health.

thank you.

I wish Park So Dam a speedy recovery!

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