Pete Davidson’s life has been very noteworthy lately. After basically luring Kim Kardashian away from Kanye West, Pete created even more hype by joining Miley Cyrus as a guest on The Jimmy Fallon Show on Friday Night (December 10).

Pete and Miley seemed to have a long well, and they allegedly went to spend more time together after the show. This inspired fans to believe they were now a potential item, and Pete had neglected his current standing with Kim K.

During the Fallon Show, Pete talked about how he and Miley got identical tattoos in 2017 for a skit they did together on Saturday Night Live, and that he later burned the tattoos: “(The tattoo artist) was so excited, I burned mine and (Miley) kept you. .”

This coincides with what Pete said recently about his desire to have all of his tattoos removed. He has 104 on his body, but explained to Life & Style magazine in November that he wanted to burn it because he sometimes spends hours covering it for acting roles: “It would be easier to burn it.”

The reason he has so much is because he liked to replace self-harm with getting tattoos on very emotional parts of his life. But it seemed like she had become a nuisance to him, which led to him wanting to have her removed.

In an interview in November, he also said he expects all of his dozens of tattoos to be gone completely by the age of 30, as he is currently 28: “I’m going to have my next treatment.” [in] Like a month or so. They said by the time he’s 30, they should all be gone. So they have two more years left of this.”

Do you think removing all those tattoos is worth it?