Primetime & Daytime Awards Get Realigned Based On Genre Not Airtime – Deadline

Following the recent joint decision of the Academy of Television and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to turn children’s and family programming into its own independent ceremony, the two branches have expanded their collaboration as they continue to attempt to update rules originally written decades ago to reflect how people’s viewing habits have evolved.

Going forward, competitions will only be organized by content type rather than the current method, which separates programs based on when the show airs. The changes, which will be included in Call For Entries introduced in January, will lead to digital daytime dramas as well as other daytime programming, including some talk shows and game shows, likely to carry over to the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Criteria such as how a show is filmed (on a sound stage or on location, using one or multiple cameras) and how frequently it airs (daily or weekly) will determine whether the show stays in the Daytime Emmy race or switches to a Primetime one. (Despite the fact that a significant portion of TV content is consumed over time on demand, the two competitions will retain their Primetime/Daytime titles for legacy reasons.)

Here are some changes by type:

The categories of daytime dramas will remain in competition with Daytime and will be redefined as “any multi-camera, weekday series, split-show or reboot.” Programs 15 years of age or younger will be represented in the recently announced Kids & Family competition.


Other dramas written during the day, most notably digital series such as Gulf, Previously awarded in the Daytime Limited Drama category, it will carry over to Primetime Competition. string like Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, Which airs on Peacock and that would have carried over to the Primetime Emmys, will instead be eligible for the Daytime Drama Series field at the Daytime Awards alongside Mother Ship days of our lives soap. (For more information on that, read Notable Daytime Dramas category can have 5 nominees (rarely after rating change)

Talk shows will be separated by format and style characteristics between Daytime and Primetime Emmys. Most of the current daytime talk shows will remain in the Daytime Emmy competition based on the fact that they feature audience interaction, including freebies, as well as clips from other genres during the day, including crafts and cooking. Meanwhile, like a speaker during the day The Ellen DeGeneres Show, now in its final season, could transition to the Primetime Emmys because it’s like a late-night talk show with monologues and celebrity interviews and there’s hardly any traditional daytime segments like cooking.

The Morning Show and Morning Show in Spanish categories will leave the Daytime Contest; They will be eligible in the NATAS-run News & Documentary Emmys or the Daytime Contest talk show categories, depending on the show’s format. While the news was heavy the first two hours of NBC today I participated in the morning show class, Today with Hoda and Jenna It was featured on the Talk Show Informative Daytime Emmy. From now on, morning shows will be part of the News & Documentary Emmys if they tend to be more news-driven, and of the Daytime Emmys informative talk show category if they veer more toward entertainment.

Game offerings and educational and educational programming categories will continue to be split by airtime for the 2022 competitions, while the academies look to gender-based alignment for the 2023 competition. Because daytime and primetime game offerings are very similar, organizations may consider repeat broadcasting (daily vs. weekly) and regular viewing vs. a limited event like Jeopardy Championship of Champions to distinguish.

“Both NATAS and the Television Academy pride ourselves on celebrating and honoring the best television it can offer, and as our industry has evolved, it has been imperative to update our competitions to meet current trends in both content and viewing habits,” said Adam Sharp, President and CEO, NATAS. “These changes will allow each academy to honor an undivided scope of achievement in our areas of television excellence.”

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