Rachel Brosnahan pulls ‘drowned rat’ out of toilet

Even movie stars have to deal with a horrific bug problem in New York City.

In an adorable Instagram post, actress Rachel Brosnahan said she recently recovered a “drowned rat” from her toilet bowel.

“New York, I love you,” the star of The Marvelous Mrs. wrote. Maisel on Tuesday posed alongside a picture of herself disguised, in a beanie, holding what appear to be two plunger handles fashioned into a large chopstick-like device.

“Stay safe guys and let’s wait for each other while this new wave moves through our ranks,” the 31-year-old Wisconsin-born artist continues. “In other NYC news, today I pulled a drowning rat out of our toilet.”

The post has garnered over 31,000 likes since it was posted, as well as comments from plenty of supportive celebrities as they offer their condolences to Brosnahan at her strange toilet time.

“No,” actress Zoey Deutch wrote.

Adrienne Warren commented, “Nooooooooooooo.”

“No no no no no no,” added singer Jessica Keenan Wayne.

Brosnahan’s nightmarish experience comes amid the city’s own nightmare, at a time when rates of COVID-19 are on the rise — as well as an increase in rat viewing. The city’s rodent population has reportedly soared during the pandemic, with 311 receiving more than 21,000 calls about mice during the November period of this year. During the same period in 2019, they received 15,000 calls.

Even the most sought-after neighborhoods aren’t safe.

Meanwhile, the current surge in coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the city, with many New Yorkers waiting in long queues for hours just to get tested for COVID-19.

“I am feeling cold and frustrated. We are in a big city, there should be more options available,” Alessandra Abate, a 29-year-old graduate student from Dumbo who has been in line for two hours, told The Post last week. On a place over the weekend.”


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