Ranking the Near-Forgotten Netflix Marvel Shows

In the days before Disney+, Marvel brought its properties to the small screen via Netflix. In some ways, it looked as though Marvel kept its most famous (i.e., most marketable) superheroes for the big screen while porting its lesser known characters to Netflix.

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These shows, however, garnered a huge number of die-hard fans. It was a sad day when Marvel and Netflix decided to pull the plug on those shows in favor of bigger budget series on Disney+. In honor of those shows that fell by the wayside, let’s rank the Netflix Marvel shows from worst to best.

iron fist

Iron Fist Pictures - Finn-Jones-Danny-Rand
Image via Marvel/Netflix

The series, which lasted only two seasons, follows billionaire Danny Rand (Looking for Jones), who returned to New York after presumably dead for 15 years. He has to choose between his duties as a superhero or his family’s legacy.

In the process, Rand also has to keep his identity secret after a new enemy appears that threatens to expose him and his family. With a rather thin plot like there, it was no wonder iron fist It only had a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes in its first season. The second was relatively better (55%), but it wasn’t enough to convince Marvel directors to stay on the air.

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the punisher

Social trait - The Punisher - John Bernthal
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in some ways, the punisher It was two separate shows. The first season showed a lot of promise, as fans followed Frank Castle (John Berthal) Because he avenged the killing of his family. The second season of this show is what brought him down.

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The series decided to dig deeper into Castle’s past as it tried to retain the fun and unrestrained action that was a staple of its first season. Critics felt Castle’s portrayal was a bit underwhelming for an anti-hero who glorifies so much charisma as The Punisher. Marvel may be getting that right in a potential reboot of the series on Disney+, which has been under discussions as are other Marvel Netflix properties.

Luke Cage

Image via Netflix

Luke Cage It had a lot of potential when it premiered on Netflix in September 2016, suffice to say the show delivered. The show follows Luke Cage, a fugitive who is rebuilding his life in Harlem. Despite this, his past returns to haunt him, and he embarks on a supernatural mission to clean up his name and save the city.

Luke Cage The needlework connected action and drama well, and also helped the actors portray the characters – especially the main actor Mike Coulter – Do comic justice. Alas, Luke Cage Time did not last in the spotlight, especially on social media, as the series ran out after its second season.


Daredevil Ben Affleck
Photo via 20th Century Fox

reckless It was the first Marvel series to premiere on Netflix. The Netflix Marvel Universe that will produce five more shows that feed off each other in one form or another has begun. reckless He received numerous award nominations and critical acclaim and showed the muscles of what Marvel can and can achieve on the small screen.

That’s why it was sad not to see reckless Get a reboot on Disney+ after its cancellation in 2018. This series deserves to be among the shows remastered for the streaming service; Or, at least, it’s being captured by a network television studio. this is good reckless It was, unfortunately, the only way we’ll be able to relive its greatness is through reboots. However, if you

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, Kristen Ritter, Super Social
Image via Netflix

after success recklessMarvel knew they had a winning formula. They went into production Jessica Jones, which follows the title character (Kristen Ritter) as a former superhero who opens her own investigation firm. The series was an instant smash and was praised by critics, with some hailing the series as the most powerful Marvel television series. It’s a shame that Jessica Jones It did not get its third season, as fans would have liked to see where the series could develop creatively.

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It’s not unreasonable to think that Marvel could revitalize Jessica Jones as a Disney+ series; And if by any means, the chain may get the fitting farewell it deserves.


defenders cast
Image via Netflix

If Netflix Marvel shows were doomed, they fell with blazing guns. defenders Connect all the shows together and bring superheroes into one showdown against Hand, the super villain who deserves to be in the MCU. defenders It felt like a show that would do well on Disney+, and Marvel fans could choose the sweet relish for a second season. Sadly, they ended up with Iron Fist, and that was all I wrote about Marvel on Netflix.

Rewatch defenders It can make one a bit teary. Marvel fans took Netflix shows for granted, and while they were certainly more ruthless around the edges than their big-budget Disney+ counterparts, defenders, Previous performances listed, point out the way to success WandaVision, Lokiand other Marvel TV shows that grab all the headlines.

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