‘Real Housewives’ star Mary Cosby apologizes for controversial comment

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Marie Cosby has apologized after the backlash over a controversial comment she made during a recent episode of the reality show Bravo.

The incident occurred during the December 5 episode when Cosby learned that her team members were comparing her church’s operations to the alleged telemarketing fraud of fellow co-star Jane Shah.

In March, Shah was charged with conspiracy to commit internet fraud and money laundering for her alleged role in a nationwide scheme.

“It’s not fair to put me with someone… Like, when I think of Jane, I see heartless, I see a serial killer,” Cosby told fellow cast member Lisa Barlow in the episode. “Like, you know, those Mexicans who make all those drugs.”

After fans called out Cosby for the offensive comment, the pastor took to Instagram on Sunday, December 12 to say she was “really sorry.”

The apology letter began “I would like to take this opportunity to respond to a comment I made on the last episode of RHOSLC”. “I used poor judgment in my choice of words. Please accept my apologies.”

She explained that she was “not trying to distinguish Mexican culture.” Cosby added that she is African American and knows racism “firsthand.”

“It is important to me that you hear this apology from me directly,” she wrote, before calling the comment “reckless” and “unintended.”

“I’m really sorry,” the post concluded.

In the caption, Cosby wrote, “Love you all!” Plus multiple hashtags, including #apologyaccepted, #makeitright, and #latinos.

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Cosby wasn’t the only one who upset viewers. One Twitter user She told Barlow she should be “ashamed” for not correcting Cosby at the time.

You should be ashamed, Barlow replied. “I didn’t say that and I don’t agree with him. I’m talking to him. Keep watching.”

Cosby’s story in the second season of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” focused on her running of the church and being pastor.

During this final season, some of her co-stars compared the religious establishment to a cult and wondered if Cosby’s parishioners believed it was a god.

During a post-show video on YouTube, Cosby responded to the allegations.

“God is so beautiful,” she said. “He’s a soul. I’m Mary Cosby.” “Just don’t give that kind of thing to life because it’s not true and if it’s true why did it come out now? Some things you just have to think of common sense and I’m thinking why me? Why should I be who is God who is God who says this?”

“It’s just weird. It’s kind of weird and funny and not true. All of the above.”

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