Reality TV star strikes gold with $50,000 a week fart scheme

This is a fart deal.

The reality TV star is making waves on social media after letting her make more than $50,000 a week by selling her stomach bulges to strangers. Currently there is a video detailing her smelly bustle and has 6.6 million views.

“I thought farts were very specialized, but also something fun, weird, and different,” Stephanie Matto, 31, told BuzzFeed about the odd pastime. Mato first gained international fame after appearing on the reality TV show “90 Day Fiancé” and has since started her own YouTube channel, written books and even founded her own X-rated subscription website Unfiltrd.

“Working on my adult-friendly platform in the past few months has made me very familiar with the different types of niche and marketplaces out there,” explained Matto. “Over the years, I’ve had some messages from men and women wanting to buy bras, panties, hair, shower water, etc.”

Stephanie Matteo started her smelly bustle as a publicity stunt.
Instagram / s @tepankamatto check

The influencer eventually switched to selling her fart on the platform because she “thought it would be a fun publicity move that would get a lot of people’s attention”.

Little did Matu know it would turn flatulence into a fortune.

In a recent video that garnered nearly 20,000 views, the invader explained that she earned nearly $50,000 in one week selling her horn. In addition, Matto says her Unfiltrd inbox is “full daily with people wanting to buy jars” and that people frequently request videos of the production process from the caboose to the container.

The natural gas manufacturer sticks with a recent clip showing how Matto prepares to break the wind by eating beans, protein cake, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and sometimes a protein shake — the seemingly perfect menu for gastrointestinal fireworks.

Then, in a seemingly unexpected twist, the cheese cutter fills the jar with several flower petals, which she says absorb the scent and make it “lasting longer.” To the undoubted dismay of her followers, Matu does not actually show herself entering a vase.

The entrepreneur allegedly sold the batch depicted in the video for a “super-discounted” price of $1,000 per jar, which came with a personal note from Matto.

“I want to thank a lot for the 97 people who have already bought their gas jars,” Human Strikes Factory said.

Of course, one would assume that selling a Patuti perfume might lure some waco out of the woodwork. However, Matto claims that her consumer base consists mostly of “those who like to collect oddities and are either a fan of me or the show.”

However, the TV personality has had some stalkers in the past – some even finding her “address” – leading her to take precautions, including keeping bear spray in her home and attacking the dog on standby. Matto even claims she is looking into obtaining a gun license.

Matto recently sold a range of agitated gases at a deeply discounted price of $1,000 per container.
Matto recently sold a batch of pyrotechnic gases at a deeply discounted price of $1,000 per container.
Instagram / s @tepankamatto check

Despite the inherent risks, the proud woman isn’t about to pass gas for money.

“I think I’ve really entered a huge market, and there seems to be endless potential,” Matto said. “I am grateful to be able to entertain, spark discussions and debates, and open people’s eyes to the different ways of life.”

In a similar-smelling scheme in March, a Brooklyn-based film director tried to mock the craze for non-fungible tokens by selling sound clips of his farts for $85 per NFT.


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