RHONJ’s Dolores Catania Has a New Romance After David Split: Details

Dolores Catania and David Principe. Evan Falk/Shutterstock; Courtesy Dolores Catania/Instagram

moving forward. While viewers expect to see Dolores Cataniaromance with David Principe Playing in season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, an exclusive source says us weekly That duo is in a completely different place now.

“Dolores and David broke up last summer. There was no bad blood between them,” he explains from the inside we, noting that they “split up” and that their romance “hasn’t progressed” to what Catania, 50, has been looking for since they started dating in 2017.

Previously Catania’s relationship was a topic of discussion about rung, with her representatives wondering if Principe, 57, would pop the question. According to the source, Catania did not care if she would be engaged, but the lack of time spent together played a role in the split.

“She gave it everything but didn’t get the same from David,” the insider continued. “He was not present in her social life and rarely appeared at events with her. They just had a different life and they couldn’t make it work. She was not happy on the inside and for a while hid her true feelings from friends.”

Earlier this year, Bravo’s character frankly addressed how her decision to have plastic surgery caused a rift between her and Principe.

“It’s not a question of what I need, it’s what I want. I’m not talking about what someone else thinks I need in my life. I’ve had enough,” said Catania. we in March. “He was really mad. He was mad at me and he wouldn’t let it go. I left him mad for a while and then had to say, ‘Listen, you either live with him or we just have to move on.’ There was some tension, and family stress fractures in the relationship.”

At the time, I thought about what a man needs to expect when in a relationship with her.

“If you are the man in my life, #1, you have to make sure of yourself enough to handle my relationship with my ex,” the reality star, who shares daughter, Gabrielle, 26, and son Frankie, 23, with her ex. Frank Catania He said. “And you must be man enough to be able to handle my character, not my being strong. I’ll do more for a man, I’ll cook, I’ll clean, I’ll come home full dressed and make you food at 10, but don’t try to stop me from being who I am and do what I am I want to do it. And don’t try to get in between my family dynamics.”

Dolores Catania from RHONJ is

Dolores Catania and her new man. Courtesy Dolores Catania/Instagram

Since we stopped calling him Principe, Dolores has been “happy” in her new relationship with her Paul Connell, given to her by a mutual friend.

“[Dolores is] with him constantly. “She loves him very much and they have a lot in common,” the source adds. “I was drawn to him on a deeper level, especially his charitable and giving back side which is something you do all the time.”

Although viewers won’t see the new couple during Season 12 since they met after filming, Dolores and the businessman have “amazing chemistry,” which she teased on her social media. The New Jersey native showed off her new man during her recent trip to St. Maarten.

Dolores wrote “My Favorite Lifesaver” along with a selfie of the pair via Instagram on Sunday, December 19.

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