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Directed by sony navigatorWritten by Malhi and Solomon GrayAnd injuryThe general premise involves a soldier coming home to his wife, and when they both go to one of their favorite Halloween places, evil follows them into the house. While this is a notable part of the movie, injury She has a lot of things that go beyond this – in particular, she has a lot of emotional dread that makes stress uncomfortable. when tommy (Andrew Krier(He comes home to his wife Rose)Emily Van Ray), one can sense the distance between the two; No context is given as to how long Tommy has been apart, but the audience is able to recognize that these two are struggling in their relationship.

Part of the film’s uneasiness comes in the silence. When Rose and Tommy are together, the silence between them is sad. The tension in Tommy’s voice when trying to talk to or communicate with his wife creates a heartbreaking atmosphere, an element that is heightened by Rose’s quest to keep their spark alive. With the camera still moments in between – the sound of buzzing insects in the background collides with the silence – the film establishes this sheer awe. This air is by far one of the injuryHis strongest trait, because while the audience spends more time with Rose and Tommy, the general atmosphere only increases, becomes more tense, sad and even angry at times.

Starting with chapter one and moving on to chapter two, the couple decided to head to one of their favorite Halloween attractions; Rose loves Halloween, and after Tommy has a minor breakdown in their house, he says the two should quit. The movie does a great job of “showing and not telling”, as one can put together that Tommy suffers from PTSD. His inner struggles manifest in different ways, as Rose tries her best to focus on the good things, even while her sister, Lily (Stephanie Moran) is trying to indicate that there is something in it.

There is once a brief reminiscence of a couple’s wedding night where we see them laughing and smiling between loved ones. During their time in pursuit, the two of them were laughing and enjoying themselves. When these moments are taken alongside the darker scenes of the couple’s relationship, it is relatively easy to form a loyal nurturing of these characters. Seeing as the kind of rollercoaster the movie offers with acting one and two, I’ve been rooting for Rose and Tommy to grab that once beautiful spark in their relationship. However, Tommy ends up in an episode of anxiety and leaves Rose – which is where the most obvious horror-driven part of the movie begins.

For a while, I thought injury You might take the “emotional horror” approach – conveying a story full of mystery and intended to irritate the audience through tones of distress, uncertainty and dread. To be fair, that’s all there is to it injury He does – a large part of it actually. However, there is also a physical element in terms of haunted horror. This stalking part is a double-edged sword for the movie — which makes the tension effective, but it also contributes to the movie’s big problem.

Funny enough, beyond marketing injury It is mentioned that it is produced by me strangers And dark and wicked – And like these two films, injury It revolves a lot about using a mean-spirited approach. But, while those other films use their gritty narratives to say something, injuryLetters are muddy at best, if not cruel and pointless at worst.

In his first and second works, injury A brutal movie in terms of horrific atmosphere and violence. Hell, most of the physical violence takes place off-screen, but the sound design is so effective, one’s mind can run wild with the disturbing possibilities. And when there’s actual violence on screen, it’s pretty horrific. The dynamic between Rose and Tommy is gripping, presenting viewers with a wide range of emotions and creating a real way to connect with them and hope for the best of them. Atmosphere injury He is intriguing and chilling the whole time, almost reaching a level of physique in his nervousness.

There is so much for injuryBut its ending leaves much to be desired. This development does little to liven up the experience or provide anything substantial to the film’s core relationship. Where there is a lot of great character building, injuryThe conclusion the world came to with violence has little to say about the characters’ pain.

Hurt is now available at VOD outlets.

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