Ron Perlman Talks Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Netflix Movie

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Did you remember that there are two versions of Pinocchio Are we supposed to be enjoying 2022? One of them obviously comes from Disney, but the other is descended from the famous director Guillermo del Toro . Recently released manager nightmare alley And water shape He has a new look at classic character As for the Netflix that will surely catch the eye when it releases next year, that’s for sure.

While talking to Inverse about his long relationship with actor del Toro Ron Perlman spoke about his involvement in the upcoming Stop Motion movie. Back in 2020, we learned that this new character (to be played by newcomer Gregory Mann) will be set In the 1930s Italy during Benito Mussolini fascism, Perelman provided some information about what this new setup would entail. “The perception of the film is that Pinocchio is the perfect soldier because he is not human. So he never questions orders. He has no fears. He is immune.”

Pinocchio as a child soldier looks pretty wild, and Perelman added that his character, Mangiafuoco, would be a dark mentor, like the evil Jiminy Cricket. “I play a pro-fascist city father who tries to manipulate Pinocchio to represent the cause.” Manipulating people is a role for Perelman no stranger toSo it is an ideal choice. Because the future real boy is immune and “all the things a perfect soldier needs”, of course the fascists want him on their side to help keep the system in check.

Looking at how the Perlman file works not strange to play men who manipulate people, you might call it a pretty perfect name. With how often he explores del Toro’s work Twisted family dynamics and Complex relationships, as well as his penchant for filming during real, new human history Pinocchio It seems worth watching. (To say the least, more than the Disney remake, which is pretty important.) But of course, both movies will be just appetizers. Until the real hot version: who – which Spirit Game Where are you Pinocchio with the flamethrower.

Guillermo del Toro Pinocchio It will arrive on Netflix in late 2022.

[via Inverse]

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