Sandman’s Mason Alexander Park thanks Neil Gaiman troll response

Netflix adapted to hypnotic She faced harsh criticism when the casting was announced.

Mason Alexander Park will appear in the series as Desire, while Kirby Howell-Baptiste will join as their brother’s death. After a backlash over the casting announcement, Neil Gaiman responded to a user who claimed he didn’t care about the original work, defending the cast.

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“I give everything to work. I’ve spent 30 years successfully fighting bad movies Sandman, he tweeted.

“I don’t give anything about people who don’t understand/ haven’t read Sandman Moan about a non-binary desire or that death is not white enough. Watch the show and make your own decisions.”

speak exclusive to digital spyMason reacted to the author’s strong comeback.

They said “Oh man, I thought this was really cool”. “It’s rare that something so creative is adapted, at the time when the author is able to clap, you know? And is able to stop the haters.”

“As a fan of things, I understand the ownership one feels that they hold the art, over a story they’ve read and fallen in love with, and interpreted in their own way. That’s so powerful, it’s so amazing.”

“It’s part of why I love doing what I do. It’s part of why I fell in love with this kind of work in the beginning,” Mason continued.

“When they become toxic, when they become impenetrable, and your thoughts somehow overcome or surpass the writer – then my mind is always a little confused.”

Neil Gaiman at the premiere of Good Omens

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the Cowboy Bebop And the star added, “You know, with Neal, that’s his kid. That’s what he made. I’d never go to him and say, ‘You’re wrong about that thing, about your intentions.'” “

“It is shocking to me that there is such a large camp of people who were sad about the decisions that were made. hypnotic, especially when it comes to race and gender, because infinity can be anything. They should be anything.”

Mason added: “And to be such a diverse group that I think Endless really represents and beautifully represents in the books – it’s shocking to me that so many people aren’t researched so well.

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“Many of their opinions were a little rooted in personal taste — personality, you know, wants and needs, wanting a character to appear a certain way because of X, Y, Z. And that’s their thing.

“But thank God, we have Neil Gaiman telling people sort of that desire isn’t binary. That’s not really something debatable.

“It’s all so ridiculous to me. I’m grateful that this is a battle we don’t have to fight for ourselves. But there is someone with more power who kind of speaks the truth to power. And I appreciate this alliance.”

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