Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy joins Good Wife star in new series

Youth-focused channel Freeform has ordered the launch of an animated comedy series called praise my home, Is characterized by Sheet Creek Stars Annie Murphy and the good Wife Actress Kristen Baransky.

The show will follow Betty, with the voice of Murphy, a New York City girl whose life falls apart around her. Then she is taken to modernize her father’s cult in a small town, giving her a new direction in life.

Baransky will voice Wyatt, Betty’s mother. She is a Manhattan woman, high profile magazine editor, and perfectionist who has never tasted ketchup.

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The show tapped Jun Cho to play Bandit, a potential love interest for Petey, while the lightKiersey Clemons of Kiersey Clemons will voice Elisa, a local waitress and a reluctant friend of Betty. Amy Hill and Stephen Root will also appear on the show, playing Pandit’s mother and Pete’s father, respectively.

praise my home Production to begin in early 2022, by Anna DrazenAnd and executive productions by Monica Padrick, Mike Judge and Greg Daniels.

Dezen said, “I can’t believe I’m going to do this show with so many funny and smart people. Working with Monica, Bandera Entertainment and Freeform, [animator] ShadowMachine, 20th Television Animation and this amazing actor was a blast and a dream – a disgrace. these rules.”

Kristen Baransky, Diane Lockhart, The Good Fight Season 2

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Jamila Hunter, Executive Vice President of Programming and Development at Freefrom . said: Delivery time: “It’s kind of a first team. It was a specific script that we bought and that was attached to Annie Murphy early on. We had a great opportunity to attract talent because Anna [Drezen] He is incredibly funny and smart. Animation has a great opportunity to be funny and thought provoking. That’s what we love about him.”

This isn’t the only animated project in development at Freeform, as the channel is increasingly moving into that space.

Murphy is best known for playing Alexis Rose Sheet Creek, while Baransky appeared in Hey MomAnd the good Wife, And Good fighting.

praise my home It will be broadcasted freely.

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