Search Party’ Season 5 Trailer Finds Dory Going Cult Leader

It was a tough league last season. TBS Champion-turned-HBO Max Counter-Strike search party, played by Alia Shawkat, finds herself transported aimlessly from New York City to a victim of kidnapping, held, tortured and brainwashed by the twinkling of an evil eye. The trailer for the show’s fifth and final season presents a much happier, even effervescent, character from League. only problem? It seemed that she had become a sect leader.

“I think if people don’t wake up soon, something really bad will happen to us,” Dory vaguely tells three doctors at the start of the track. “I must save everyone from their pain.” what are you talking about? Even her friends don’t know, one wrote her cries as “narcissism,” while another said, “If that’s not what crazy looks like, I don’t know what it is.”

But others disagree. Jeff Goldblum falsifies as a character called “Tunnel Quinn,” claiming that Dory’s ideas—which seem like a bit of a New Age intersect with hippie nonsense, with more than a few notes of something sinister—”could change the course of human history.”

And so Dory – whose foolish, selfish actions have killed people – may become more dangerous than ever. This means that she has become famous. (And certainly, profitable). On top of that, a show that has already inspired countless ink spills about what it says about millennials will add even more fuel to an already raging fire. And she’ll do that while giving what looks like a plum role to no less than John Waters, too.

The final season of Search Party begins airing January 7 on HBO Max. You can watch the trailer above.


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