Season 1, Episode 6, “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches”

Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Jack Alcott

Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Jack Alcott
Photo: Cecia Paul/Showtime

Harrison Lindsay, née Morgan, is an affected teen on the brink of either being rescued from his basal impulses or destroyed by them. The path he takes depends on who he decides to emulate, and based on “too many tuna sandwiches,” that person doesn’t seem to be Dexter these days. The role of Harrison’s mentor became increasingly within the purview of Kurt Caldwell, who took a glamor at Harrison. Much to Dexter’s dismay, the feeling is mutual, with Harrison apparently having an easier time relating to Kurt than his actual father.

The most interesting thing that happens is the annoying triangulation between Harrison and his parents fresh blood, which continues to venture into extensive subplots that have not yet come to fruition. Harrison is becoming more violent and unpredictable by the episode, and Dexter’s approach of not interfering with psychopathic parenting doesn’t quite do the trick. Even before the episode’s final scenes, where Harrison snaps Moose Creeker’s arm in front of a crowded auditorium, there are some very disturbing signs. Harrison and Audrey decide to complete their long courtship only moments after Harrison admits that his violent encounter with Ethan wasn’t his first experience hurting someone. In fact, he wanted to hurt people all the time, and as he and Audrey started scratching at each other, he revealed his trusty straight razor in his back pocket.

Setting and tone Dexter It may have changed, but the central premise has not. Especially from infancy, children who suffer from traumatic shock will begin to see the world through crimson glasses. These drives will strengthen unless someone steps in to redirect or remove them, and the show doesn’t provide a single example of the latter, of someone being pardoned from the Dark Passenger without dying. But Dexter seems to believe that despite his relative inexperience as a parent, he’d be the one to thread the needle and remove the darkness of Harrison without going to the extremes of Harry. At least that’s what Dexter thought before he watched champion Iron Lake complete his good heels at the end of a wrestling match.

This is where the wrestling match between Dexter and Kurt begins in earnest. After Harrison’s horrific show, Kurt, a wrestler for much of his time dead on the team, is thrilled while everyone else is shocked. It would be, for Harrison, another example of Kurt telling him he was a good kid despite his dark impulses while Dexter makes him feel self-conscious about the traits he’s definitely inherited from his father. And now Dexter has a strong hunch that Kurt is also a killer, and who would know better than him? Of course, Dexter still hasn’t fully dealt with his Dark Passenger, as proven by his breakthroughs in therapy, which only come because Harrison is willing to tell the truth about the upbeat father-son origin story.

Another clue to Dexter’s midlife crisis is the way he follows Molly Park after he comes to the absurd conclusion that she is responsible for revealing his true identity to Angela. (It’s the only thing Dexter can come up with because the idea of ​​bumping into Angela Batista is so preposterous, even to him.) Everyone says parenting flips a person’s priorities, which is certainly true for Dexter, who’s been thinking about Harry’s code for some time now but hasn’t followed through on it. Oh really. It’s a little crazy that Dexter has spent so much time and energy trying to figure out how to “take care” of Molly whose only sin, as far as Dexter knows, is exposing him to his honest girlfriend. Nobody forced you to play at home with the sheriff, big man.

Alano Miller and Julia Jones

Alano Miller and Julia Jones
Photo: Cecia Paul/Showtime

The Molly Park subplot was a dozen different kinds of silly. If Angela is an amazing detective (which obviously isn’t why she’s on this show), don’t you think it’s appropriate that Molly disappear right after Dexter’s identity is revealed? But the thing is, accuracy or even caution is not part of the way Dexter operates these days. The man who used to go to great lengths to hunt down his targets and make sure he escaped now kind of randomly kills people if they threaten to interfere with the fantasy of patriarchal redemption that sustains him. It’s quite frustrating to see how Dexter became so unrelated to Harry’s token, especially since not being caught has taken on a new urgency for him.

Kurt’s role in turning Molly Park was also frustrating because it is impossible for a serial killer to operate with such disregard for discretion for so long without being caught. In fairness to Kurt, he’s so desperate to replace the body he destroyed when Chloe decides to deviate from a plan that was never explained to her. We still have no idea what Kurt is doing with the bodies of his victims – Tip Tom Waits”What is building‘—but it requires a body without a hole in the face, and will do anything to get it. Oddly enough, he wouldn’t mind being the last person seen with so many desperate fugitives. He also wouldn’t mind seeing him dining with Molly Park, who is now more A well-known guest guest on Iron Lake, before he makes her disappear too.Kurt and Dexter compete at a banjo but neither of them are in tune.

This doubles as for Angela, who is still not quite as competent or super sharp depending on the needs of each episode. The last episode’s thunderbolt was extinguished almost immediately, as Angela confronted Dexter with his fake obituary and was completely satisfied with Dexter’s interpretation. And look, it’s not the worst possible explanation, at least emotionally. Dexter makes the very grave step of dragging Angela’s husband and missing friend as examples of how powerful grief and loss can be. But this is true in spite of everything. However, that doesn’t explain why he’s actively hiding from his past, including Harrison, and why he made all the effort to hide his illustrious law enforcement career. Angela did not even mention that she met Batista, Dexter’s former classmate.

Angela’s name ends up saying “Dexter Morgan” when she frantically calls him after Eris’s relatively preserved body is found buried deep in Clark’s Caves. She still hasn’t spoken to Jim Lindsey, but it seems that there is only one presumed dead crime scene investigator he can trust now.

stray notes

  • Seriously, does Dexter know where Harrison is and what he’s doing? like ever?
  • Kurt Caldwell lost some of his vile luster to me last week, but Punch Chloe’s corpse brought it back.
  • The wizard is very annoying but he is a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson, which is nothing.
  • It doesn’t look like Matt Caldwell’s “story” would be that interesting to someone like Molly. On top of that, if she did multiple episodes on killers in Miami, she must still be there because there are a lot of them according to that show.
  • I was hoping Logan would be the stubborn cop with Dexter in his net this season, but that seems highly unlikely now. This dude is all about stubborn.


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