Season 11, Episode 9, “Igor, Gregor, & Timor”

Guest of honor Bill Hader stars in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Guest of honor Bill Hader on curb your enthusiasm
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A chain of mishaps is virtually guaranteed in any given episode of curb your enthusiasm; What’s less certain is how much fuss the end result will be. full seasons encirclement They worked like Rube Goldberg’s tribulations and jokes machines. When everything comes together just right, waiting for Larry’s other shoe or someone from his mates to fall can be fun. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, which is how I felt about Season 11 in general.

Regardless of what role you play in providing the larger story, the penultimate episode of the season “Igor, Gregor, and Timor” is a very exciting episode, thanks in part to Bill Hader who spoiled us with three odd characters who may or may not be brothers, But it’s definitely “shplendid”. To paraphrase a different Hader, tonight’s episode had it all: cheerful guest stars for the audience, multiple Seinfeld Ridiculous references and schemes, a great deal of Susie Eastman, Tracy Ullman uttering “unhood the clitoris,” Larry Hadid on “our crumbling institutions,” his loss of confidence in the concierge.

“Igor, Gregor and Timor” starts off strong with a look at the home life of Larry, Leon and Irma. The city councilwoman had no trouble making herself at home.There is something you have in common with Larry.– and she’s already weighing in with Leon, punishing him for not sorting the recycling and trash properly. But neither this tension nor his “devaluation” are enough to keep Larry off his mission. It is closer than ever to the abolition of the Fence Decree; It gets into Irma’s head enough that she’s suggesting repealing the law as if it was her own idea.

But, as with most political dealings, there’s a trade-off: Irma wants Larry to come in for vaginal rejuvenation surgery, so she can wear white pants without worrying about leakage. (Really, how can they cheer for the basketball games they attend as a couple?) Tracy Ullman conveys Irma’s enthusiasm with astonishment, screaming about “fufu surgery” and singing “Designa Fbl” as she walks out of the kitchen. Fathal Irma has been a welcome development encirclementThis isn’t Larry – she’s proven to be nothing but a stifling domestic politician. Ullman’s allure has been a shot in the arm for the season as he enters its finale, and I can’t wait to see how Irma’s story ends next week.

Not surprisingly, Bill Hader matched Ullman’s energy, slipping into three distinct versions of the same “nondescript Eastern European dialect,” and inadvertently (at first, anyway) clashing with Jeff and Larry. Hader debuted as Igor, the owner of Prospr (pronounced “Pros-por” apparently), as Jeff finds the perfect “I’m sorry I cheated on you” gift for his wife: a replica of the very expensive animal-print vase that Susie has been eyeing for a while.

This is not the time for Jeff to skimp – I screamed out loud as I watched tonight’s episode before writing it in capital letters in my notes. There is a Spanish expression: “lo barato sale caro,” which actually translates to “buy cheap it will cost you.” This proves true in “Igor, Gregor, and Timor”, but it is Larry who pays the bill. He also learns that the sincerity of a gesture is sometimes determined by the person on the receiving end (come on, there was no way Jeff would have missed the show.)

At least Hader’s characters get even more annoyed as the episode unfolds: Igor’s song “shplendid” leads to Gregor’s annoying laugh making way for Timor to eat some disappointing Larry goulash. The story climaxes when Larry has to go on an apology tour in order to buy a fake vase, assuring Timur that his goulash is great and trying to manipulate his cynical impression of Igor. But, since he can’t help himself, Larry gets into one last dig, jokingly asking Gregor if he and his half-brothers (triplets?) will give up the trick.

There is no real solution to this end, but there are more deals, like Larry and Susie agree to help each other again. She will pretend to have undergone a vaginal rejuvenation to allay Irma’s fears, and will “convince” Jeff to buy her this very expensive vase. At first, this was cool for Larry, because he doesn’t have to do anything technical because the vase is already on Jeff’s radar. But after he manages to break both the replica and the original article due to some sudden braking – first, when he notices the injured cyclist strutting in his jacket, and later, when he’s trying to escape the guy Who Made A Horrible Twitter Account That Turned Into A Horrible ShowLarry came out with $20,000. He was more than willing to pay for Irma’s vaginal rejuvenation, especially once he realized that six to eight weeks of recovery would take sex off the table.

Irma changed her mind after seeing, she said, the “melting cave” of Susie’s vagina*, so by the end of “Igor, Gregor, and Timor” all Larry had to show in return for his efforts were expensive pottery shards. Even Larry’s good deed isn’t much of a reward, as he helps the injured cyclist (Johnny McKeown as Ben) keep his jacket, causing Larry to destroy the first vase. Larry says it’s one of the few times he’s done something unequivocally good, and he’s right – he even manages to not really brag about it in front of any of his friends.

“Igor, Gregor, and Timor” pulls all his clues together, including Larry’s good manners, and may have justified the worldview he shared a couple of weeks ago, when he said he cares about people in general and hates them individually. Larry may have been joking then, but tonight, he saw someone in trouble and he reacted. He likely helped save Ben’s life, however, Ben couldn’t even bother to return Larry’s jacket. Hell, he lied about that. (Larry’s wardrobe is getting some strong reactions from people.) Ben turns out to be an idiot, but he still deserves the help – and it’s not like Larry knows he’s going to say goodbye to his jacket. encirclementputting Larry’s beliefs to the test before; We’ve seen it happen over and over again this season, although that’s not really the focus of the penultimate episode. Instead, we got a quick boost featuring some of the show’s best guest starring roles, and a great premise for the ending.

stray notes

  • Larry and Susie argue about vayze and vahz, but I’ve always said vace.
  • “He has a lot of energy but it’s kind of an illusion.” – Irma Lyon’s assessment: accurate?
  • Igor knows all about the “Sheinfeld shyndication” money, but “The flight of a plastic bottle from Milan to Minsk” is my favorite Seinfeld Night reference.
  • It’s worth repeating: $10,000 is not that high a price to pay to prevent an expensive divorce.
  • I’m amazed at the Oxford comma here, given what happened last time These are the many names in the title of the episode.
  • I’m still trying to figure out if Suzy actually dropped a problem in front of Irma or if she just looked up pictures of her rejuvenated vagina and sent them to her. Considering that she requested surgery in the last moments of the episode… yeah, I still don’t know.
  • Fun fact: There is a word in Inuktitut that, at least, means “I’m sorry.”
  • I’m sure you’ve read about it Jeff Garlin has passed away from Goldberg (First mentioned by Maureen Ryan, the finest Midwest) which made some people wonder if he would be invited back for more encirclement. So far, no word has come from anyone involved in the show.
  • Igor’s appearance prompted me to search for “Bill Hader with a beard” And… it’s good.
  • Next week, Susie and Larry will enter into another agreement, and Larry prepares to cut ties with Marcos (Marquis Ray).


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