Season 5, Episode 8, “Choices, Okay?!”

Issa Ray

Issa Ray
Photo: Mary Wallace / HBO

A few weeks ago we saw Issa discussing her life choices The funny “Tired, okay?!” That episode made it clear that Issa still has feelings for Lawrence and she’s not entirely sure about Nathan. “Choices, okay?!” She revisits the same debate, but shows that Issa’s uncertainty has spilled over into her career decisions. Issa feels like she’s at a crossroads and Elie Wilson Pelton’s text uses the mirror of Jesus and some others sliding doorsLike magic, depict the different paths in front of Jesus.

The thing is, it doesn’t really seem like Issa has to make an all-or-nothing choice when it comes to NBW and Crenshawn. The three have been involved together in the past, so there’s no obvious reason why Issa thinks these two opportunities are in conflict with each other. Pelton’s text acknowledges this: As Molly says, there is absolutely nothing black or white. Issa will be fine no matter what she chooses. The scenarios she imagines are driven by her fear of losing what could have been.

For Issa, the grass will always have more of a Ty Dolla mark on the other side. “Choices, okay?!” It’s not really about Issa’s career concerns because each scenario only reveals that she’s starting to doubt her feelings for Nathan more and more. Eventually, you start hearing about Lawrence when she’s with Nathan. Perhaps Issa didn’t really hold back and it was Nathan’s suggestion that they move in together that triggered Issa’s flying instincts. She probably loves Nathan, but is not ready to move in with him. Everything moves forward in Issa’s life and Nathan is still attached to an old Issa who has to deal with bothersome tenants. Issa makes it clear that she wants to be a strong husband and Lawrence is now more in line with this vision.

And honestly? Nathan doesn’t seem so well even in Isa’s delusions! Jesus can’t even imagine Nathan doing anything beyond what he’s doing now with his group of men. She doesn’t really see a future for them as a couple and finally admits it to herself. Does that mean she’ll finally end things with him? Unfortunately, I don’t think it will. It’s as if Issa almost has a moment of clarity, but she’s afraid to admit that Lawrence is still the person she really wants to be.

Molly acts as an anchor of reality in “Choices, Alright?!” She deals with her parents’ will and feelings for Taurean. Instead of criticizing him or canceling their date without revealing anything personal, she actually shares something intimate with Taurean! Which allows Thor to be there for Molly the way she needs it! Now that’s growth! Look at Molly Go! Ordering a delivery for someone is an incredibly exciting move and Molly deserves someone who understands when you need space.

Last week, you said that Kelly’s unhappiness with her career felt a bit rushed. We haven’t heard much about what Kelly is doing, so this sudden urge to change lanes is a bit random. Pelton’s text connects the points between this and Molly’s story while Kelly steps in to help her parents organize their finances. Kelli has a natural way of getting them to open up, but something about these moments feels more PSA-like than inspirational. The true weight of saving parents who can only take care of themselves after Molly breaks down in her car is not understood. Molly puts a happy face to her parents, but at least she’s telling someone how she really feels.

With two episodes left, it appears that Issa is still conflicted about what choices she should make. At this point, if she wants Lawrence, I just want her to go to Lawrence! Let’s stop playing these uneasy games with Nathan when the two of them don’t have much spark anyway. Nathan has always been feeling fresh and “Choices, OK?!” Issa suggests she finally sees it for herself. I’m ready to see Issa make some tough choices when it comes to her love life.

stray notes

  • Men who don’t know how to pose for the picture were perfect.
  • Issa event went well and we were able to see her brother again! Still hating Kelly, their feud is great.
  • I wish we saw Molly and Turrian’s first date!
  • Crenshawn’s apology was very interesting. I still think this is the relationship Jesus needs to focus on!
  • We haven’t seen Jesus have a mirror moment in a while, but it makes sense that the Mirror of Jesus would return in such a fantasy-based episode.
  • Issa doesn’t make up for anyone singing with her during the session at this season’s premiere by imagining a scenario where everyone sings with her!
  • Not Tyra Banks Gives Issa The Key To Englewood!
  • Not sure where Tiffany was this episode. You’d think she’d spend as much time with the girls as possible since she moved on.
  • Do you think Lawrence was ever like “Isa left me because I wasn’t successful enough and now she’s dating a barber with her roommates?”


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