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Depending on your age, the reason why you should know who Marlow Thomas will vary. Thomas came to fame that girlAlso produced in the late 1960s. In the 80s, she won an Emmy for the TV movie Nobody is a child. In the ’90s, she played the role of Rachel’s mother friends. In addition to this, she is also widely known for her work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, frequently appearing in TV commercials for this reason. The 84-year-old actress has had a long and varied career, and is still acting today. Besides continuing to perform television and film roles, she also hosts a podcast with her husband and has written books. Read on to find out more about that girl’s life today.

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Thomas began acting in the 1960s, following in her father’s footsteps, Danny Thomas, who was also a comedian. that girl It spanned from 1966 to 1971, after which Thomas continued her acting career. You appeared in practiceAnd Nobody is a childAnd freezerAnd friendsAnd Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, And Ugly BettyAmong many other shows and films. Some of her most recent projects include 2017 Hot, humid American summer: 10 years later and 2018 eight ocean.

Marlowe Thomas at the 2019 American Icon Awards
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Thomas is the author of seven books, including children’s books, books about her private life, and a book on marriage that she co-wrote with her husband, talk show host. Phil Donahue. Thomas’ first children’s book Free to be you and me It ended up becoming a franchise with TV specials and music that encourage kids to be themselves and learn that their gender doesn’t determine what they can achieve. Thomas’ latest book, What makes another marriage, published in 2020. She and Donahue talk to 40 couples about how their long-running marriages have worked. The couple also has a podcast, double dateabout the same topic.

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Phil Donahue and Marlowe Thomas on
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Thomas and Donahue married in 1980 after they first met when she was a guest on his talk show. Thomas said on an episode in March of The Drew Barrymore Show.

The couple did not welcome their children together, but Thomas became a stepmother to Donahue’s five children. She told AARP in 2011. “When I grew up, my mother was always a friend to me and my siblings (as well as all the other things a mother is), and I was always grateful for that because I knew she was someone I could talk about, joke with, argue with, and that there was nothing I could possibly do.” It hurts that friendship. So I used this model with the children of Phil, and I’m proud to say that the friendships I made with them are as strong today as they were 30 years ago—even stronger.”

Marlowe Thomas at the #GiveThanks Experience which included life-size versions of artwork from St. Jude patients in 2019
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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was founded by Thomas’ father in 1962. The hospital treats children with diseases such as cancer and provides care free of charge. Thomas is the Director of National Outreach at St. Jude and is dedicated to the cause.

“I honestly can’t tell you where my thoughts on St. Jude begin and where they end,” she said. Town & Countryy in June. “If I’m not at a board meeting, I’m on the phone talking to a corporate sponsor, working on a fundraising video, or speaking at a hospital event. I even dream about the kids and their families.”

Marlowe Thomas receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama in 2014
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In 2014, Thomas was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Whether it was championing equality for girls and women, giving a voice to the less fortunate, and breaking down barriers by portraying one of the first female solo professionals on television that girl, or teaching kids to be “free to be you and me,” Thomas inspires us all to dream bigger and reach a higher level, says the White House press release.

Talking to Town and Country About the honor, Thomas said it made her think of her grandparents, who were immigrants. “I tried not to cry, but tears were streaming down my face,” she said. “I kept thinking, this is It is the possibility of America. This is why immigrants are so important. we Must Remember that.”

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