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Child Actors Can’t Understand What They Get Into When They Join A TV Show Or A Movie And This Was Ten Times The Case Ruby Rest From The Brady Bunch. The child actor joined the show during its final season as Cousin Oliver, a character whose name has been so controversial that his name has taken on meaning outside of the classic sitcom. The phrase “Cousin Oliver Syndrome” now refers to a sitcom that adds a cute kid in an effort to increase ratings once the original kids in the series are older.

Now 57 years old, Rist is still active in entertainment, including behind the camera. Read on to find out what happened to the actor after he accidentally upset many timidn fans.

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When joined REST The Brady Bunch He was already acting professionally. He told Legendary Rock Interviews in 2012 that he did “something like 100 commercials” and was in the series love, american stylehe Emergency!.

Rest was in the last six episodes of The Brady Bunch, which had already been canceled by the time its segment aired. While Cousin Oliver’s character was certainly not a hit with viewers, Rist thoroughly enjoyed filming.

“I had fun,” he told Legendary Rock Interviews. “All I knew was that I was dropping out of school, I had to stand on a piece of tape and say a few words now and then and people would laugh. It was great for me. Then again, when you’re nine everything is great.”

Ruby Rist at the Family Film Awards in 2021
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Rist told Legendary Rock interviews that he is still a close friend of his. Susan Olsen, who played the youngest daughter Cindy. “Susan is probably the only cast member I’m still close to and talking to, she’s amazing,” he said. “Every now and then I’ll meet others at conferences or something but I mostly talk to Susan.” He shared that they were associated with music and got him into the band Queen. “I played guitar and played all kinds of musical instruments and sang, so we also had one thing in common,” he added.

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Ruby Rest at the movie premiere "The last Sharknado: It's time" in 2018
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Rist continued acting after his time The Brady Bunch, but made an impact with his music and vocal work. It is worth noting that Rist provided the voice acting for WhiteAnd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, And Doc McStuffins. As for music, he has participated in several bands and is very active in the Los Angeles music scene.

“I don’t consider myself an actor or a musician,” said Rist. “I’m just an entertainer.” Glendale News Press in 2015. “The only differences between acting and music are subtle standards. There are many similarities, although most actors and musicians probably despair when I say it. I love making things. I do all things cartoonish, acting. I’ve written commercials For a while I produced a movie in 2006. I have a podcast called the spoonI have my own band.

One of the ways Rist’s various entertainment talents intertwined was by composing music for Sharknado Movies. He still does live acting roles as well. In December, you can catch up with him on Lifetime Christmas blend, along with other timidn stars.

While some child actors have difficulties growing up in the business, Rist credits his parents with helping him get through that period unharmed “I think I was able to avoid other child actors’ predicaments. You know, drugs and alcohol because the parents said they were going to kill me and make one. Others are just like me, “Rest joked with HuffPost in 2016.” And I’m one of the funniest people to risk someone going, “I’m sorry, we can’t hire you anymore. Work is very important to me.”

He’s also glad he got the experience he got. “Everyone in this culture is obsessed with immortality, and everyone in some way wants to make a mark or leave something behind, whether it’s children, fortune, the Sistine Chapel or… The Brady BunchHe told Legendary Rock Interviews. It’s great to have this trip, whether it’s really great for you or not something so amazing, the bottom line is that it happened, and I’m still in the entertainment business and I’m so grateful, there are a lot of people who don’t even come close to that.” .

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