Sex and the City fans shocked over character’s death by Peloton | Television

Peloton is no stranger to bad advertising. In 2019, an incomprehensible “sexist and astounding” holiday ad led to comparisons to a hostage video and wiped out nearly $1.5 billion of the company’s value.

And this week, in an unexpected clash between two pop culture icons, the company’s lead producer has taken the lead in a reboot of Sex and the City, much like the bike that killed Mr. Page.

In the shocking series premiere, longtime flame Carrie Bradshaw, who has become a fan of the luxury bike, suffers a heart attack after finishing her 1000th ride and dies in his wife’s arms. The beloved character’s death shocked fans, with some asking what the company had done to series writer/director Michael Patrick King, to justify such a role.

But Peloton says her bike didn’t kill Paige. In fact, the company representative said, it may have kept the character, who had a history of heart problems — both physical and emotional — alive longer.

“I’m sure SATC fans, like me, were saddened by the news that Mr. Page had died of a heart attack. Mr. Page lived what many call the Peloton health and wellness advisory board,” Susan Steinbaum, a cardiologist and member of the Peloton Health and Wellness Advisory Board, told the Los Angeles Times. A lavish life – including cocktails, cigars, and great steaks. These lifestyle choices and perhaps even his family history, which are often a significant factor, were the likely cause of his death. Riding his Peloton bike may have helped delay the heart accident.”

BuzzFeed News reported that the company knew the bike would be featured on the show, along with a cameo from Peloton coach Jess King, but was unaware of its role in Mr. Page’s death. “For reasons of confidentiality, HBO has not disclosed the greater context surrounding the scene to Peloton in advance,” spokesperson Dennis Kelly told the outlet.

Whatever role the bike played in Page’s sudden demise, the characters don’t seem to stand up to the peloton. “He’s been on that bike for over a thousand rides,” Miranda says in Episode Two. “He got the approval from a cardiologist. Exercise is good for the heart.”

Of course, Page’s death probably had nothing to do with Peloton at all. Chris Noth, who has played Paige since 1998, told The Guardian he was reluctant to return to the role again, but was persuaded by a conversation with the show’s writer and director, Michael Patrick King. “It was a long conversation, and it lasted through the pandemic and he absorbed a lot of my ideas and came up with a way to work with them.”

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