‘Shame on You’:Porsha Williams Calls Out Her Ex Dennis After He Allegedly Criticized Her Mothering Abilities While Shooting Scenes for Her Reality Show

Porsha Williams She took to Instagram on December 19 to blow up her ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley After commenting on the two-year-old daughter-in-law’s motherhood skills Jenna Pilar.

Williams and McKinley, who started dating in 2017, split after two years after the owner of The Original Hot Dog Factory allegedly cheated on the star while she was pregnant. Although he never confirmed the allegations, McKinley admitted to being unfaithful while Williams struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of their daughter.

Porsha Williams calls Denise McKinley, the ex-father of her 2-year-old daughter Pilar, over false claims of being an improper parent on a new episode of her reality show. @porsha4real / Instagram

Despite trying to work on their relationship after their brief reunion, the duo eventually called it quits. Williams has since moved on and became engaged to businessman Simon Jobadia earlier this year. It seemed like both Williams and McKinley were warmly involved in the care of their daughter until the reality star shared a long post throwing shots at her ex.

Although additional details regarding the incident between Williams and McKinley have not been released, the author of “The Pursuit of Porsha” claimed during the filming of scenes for her reality show “Porsha’s Family Matters” that he was trying to criticize her mothering abilities.

Williams stated that she is taking this up because she wanted fans to know that Pilar was with her in Mexico during the family retreat and always with her when she travels.

She said, “Hey, now you all know by now that I don’t talk much about what’s going on on the show because I’d rather you just enjoy what’s meant for entertainment! But because of Dennis’ future accusations he made of me on the show. I want to make it clear that yes, my daughter was in Mexico with me because she She spends most of the time when I’m traveling as a single mom!”

Williams added, despite having her young child, that she wanted to keep her off the camera because she saw how frenetic the dynamic would be after attending the “crazy” dinner. The 40-year-old also mentioned that she and her fiancé stayed an extra week in Mexico to enjoy the rest of their vacation.

“But as you can imagine, after the first dinner, I saw how crazy it was going to be and chose to keep her off the camera while I was there working on the show. However, we stayed an extra week in Mexico, and as a family, we mingled (me and my fiancé) and enjoyed the rest of our vacation.” Williams finished the loading by defending herself and again clapping in the face of those who felt she was not a “good mother”.

She said, ‘I’m a damn good mother, and I always get close to my little girl no matter what. She is my world and my goal and anyone has to ask you a question against this shame and on who your God is. Well I’m done with a good night. Please guys keep talking keep talking Twitter. The show is going well, and I’m glad you all are enjoying.”

While some fans viewed Williams’ post and chose sides, many individuals remained neutral due to limited information. At the same time, they decided to respond to other parts of the drawn-out load, including changing the parenting dynamic with McKinley and Williams using loosely the term “single mother.”

“I hate what these shows do to families. I’ve never seen you and Dennis has to address things like this, publicly anyway, which means if there’s a problem like this, you can solve it. It always happens once the show comes out. You’ve all enjoyed the dynamic of parenthood. And great motherhood all this time. Stay strong on and off camera for Pilar.”

“Your sister is standing up for something we haven’t seen yet. I’ll stay neutral and keep watching. Praying for all involved in shaping this beautiful baby girl.”

“I’m not sure what was said and that’s really not of my interest. However, I do have a problem with the constant use of the term ‘single mother’. From what we’ve seen, the workwincelebrate is very far from his daughter’s life and she knows who her father is. There are now a lot of absentee fathers and they don’t do any something for their children which makes the other parent a parent. Before we cry a victim here, think about your choice of words and actions toward the parent of your child.”

McKinley has not yet commented on Williams’ post.

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